Daily is used with these nouns: ↑allowance, ↑attendance, ↑barrage, ↑basis, ↑brief, ↑briefing, ↑business, ↑calorie, ↑care, ↑charge, ↑check, ↑chore, ↑circulation, ↑column, ↑consumption, ↑contact, ↑count, ↑cycle, ↑diary, ↑diet, ↑dosage, ↑dose, ↑duty, ↑errand, ↑exercise, ↑existence, ↑experience, ↑fare, ↑feature, ↑fix, ↑flight, ↑flow, ↑fluctuation, ↑gain, ↑habit, ↑humiliation, ↑influx, ↑injection, ↑inspection, ↑instalment, ↑intake, ↑jog, ↑journal, ↑journey, ↑life, ↑limit, ↑log, ↑maintenance, ↑meeting, ↑menu, ↑necessity, ↑newspaper, ↑occurrence, ↑operation, ↑paper, ↑parking, ↑practice, ↑prayer, ↑quota, ↑ration, ↑reality, ↑record, ↑regimen, ↑reminder, ↑report, ↑requirement, ↑responsibility, ↑rhythm, ↑ritual, ↑rota, ↑round, ↑round trip, ↑routine, ↑schedule, ↑session, ↑show, ↑special, ↑stress, ↑stroll, ↑struggle, ↑supplement, ↑tabloid, ↑task, ↑temperature, ↑toil, ↑total, ↑tuition, ↑turnover, ↑update, ↑use, ↑user, ↑variation, ↑visit, ↑wage, ↑walk, ↑wear, ↑work, ↑workout, ↑worship
Daily is used with these verbs: ↑check, ↑commute

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