big, considerable, enormous, extreme, grave, great, mortal, obvious, real, serious, significant, terrible

They are in grave danger of losing everything.

She knew that she was now in mortal danger.

There is a real danger that the bridge will collapse from the weight of traffic.

acute (esp. BrE), immediate, imminent, impending

They are in imminent danger of attack.

clear and present

The hackers' actions are a clear and present danger to our banking system.

constant, ever-present

the ever-present danger of crime


There are inherent dangers in the system.


We're only now waking up to the true dangers of pesticides.

possible, potential
health, physical

The pollution from the factory is a public danger.


There is little danger of another crash.

be exposed to, face

On their journey across the desert they faced danger of all sorts.

be fraught with, involve

The task was fraught with danger.

cause, create

He was convicted of causing danger to other road users.

pose, present, represent

the dangers posed by the possession of nuclear weapons

be aware of, foresee, identify, know, perceive, realize, recognize, see, sense, smell, spot, understand

No one foresaw the danger.

The animal seemed to sense danger.

highlight, illustrate

A company must keep developing or it runs the danger of stagnating.


Some people take crazy risks because they get a thrill from courting danger.


Vigorous action is needed to avert the danger of runaway inflation.

lessen, minimize, reduce
avoid, escape
await, exist, face sb, lie (in sth), lurk, threaten sb

One of the biggest dangers facing us may be climate change.

The danger lies in becoming too complacent.

Where would they hide if danger threatened?

arise from sth, come from sb/sth

The biggest danger to gorillas comes from humans.


We waited until all danger had passed.

area, point, spot (esp. BrE), zone

Despite the high levels of radiation, people are now moving back into the danger zone.

signals, signs

He recognized the danger signs and gave up smoking.

money (BrE), pay (AmE)

They should be paid danger money for the job they're doing.

They should get danger pay for the job they're doing.

in danger

We weren't in any danger.

in danger of

The plant is now in danger of extinction.

out of danger

They ran until they were out of danger.

danger from
danger of

We're in serious danger of becoming a nation of worriers.

danger to

There is no danger to the public from these chemicals.

be off the danger list, be on the danger list (both BrE)

He was in a critical condition, but is now off the danger list.

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