1 particular day
earlier, earliest

She suggested an earlier date for the meeting.

later, latest
exact, firm, specific

I can't give you specific dates.

provisional (esp. BrE), tentative

May 7, 2005 was a very significant date in my life.


The closing date for applications is May 22.

expiration (AmE), expiry (BrE)

What's the expiration/expiry date on your credit card?

delivery, publication, release
arrival, departure

The baby was born exactly on its due date.

anniversary, birth
pull (AmE), sell-by

This yogurt is past its sell-by date.

cut-off, end

Historians disagree on the cut-off date for the medieval period.

commencement (esp. BrE), start

The building was not finished by the completion date.

agree, agree on, arrange, decide, decide on, fix, set

Can we fix dates for the trip?

Has a date been set for the meeting?

give sb

Give me a couple of dates are good for you.

book (usually datebook)
after a/the date

We cannot accept applications received after this date.

at a … date

The election is scheduled to take place at an unspecified date in the spring.

before a/the date
by a/the date

The building must be finished by the date agreed.

from a/the date

The agreement runs from that date.

on a/the date

I have two meetings on that date.

date for

We need to set a date for the wedding.

date of

the date of the election

the big date

the biggest date in the country music calendar

at a future date, at some future date

More money will be made available at some future date.

at a later date

We can do that at a later date.

date of birth

Please give your name, address and date of birth.

of recent date

The foundations are Roman, but the rest of the building is of more recent date.

put a date on sth

It's difficult to put a date on when the idea started.

today's date

What's today's date?

2 appointment to meet sb socially
dinner, lunch

She met her husband on a blind date.

double (= when two couples have a date together)

She had a hot date and wanted to look her best.


I have a date with Camilla on Friday night.


I need to find a date for Friday.

make (esp. BrE)

We must make a date to have lunch.


She wanted to arrive in time to keep her date.

break (AmE), cancel

He really didn't want to break his date with Alicia.

movie (AmE)

It's a great date movie.

on a date

She's out on a date with her new girlfriend.

date with
accurately, precisely

It has not yet been possible to date the paintings accurately.

Date is used with these nouns as the object: ↑memorandum

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