1 period of 24 hours
the following, (the) next
the previous
the other

I was in your area the other day (= recently).

one, some

I hope we meet again some day.

the very

It happened on the very day (= the same day) that Kemp was murdered.

The letter arrived the very next day.

auspicious, big, eventful, historic, memorable, red-letter, special

The tabloid press had a field day with the latest government scandal.

normal, ordinary
fateful, sad

those killed in the hail of bullets fired on that fateful day

Christmas, Independence, Mother's, Thanksgiving, etc.
feast, holy
election, market, opening, pay, polling, visiting, wedding
sports (BrE)
game (AmE), match (esp. BrE)
rest, school, study, training

the pattern of the school day


He thought of her less as the days passed.


When that day comes, I plan to be far away.

by the day

He's getting stronger by the day.

for a/the day

They stayed for ten days.

in a/the day

We hope to finish the job in a few days.

on the day (of)

On the day of his wedding he was very nervous.

day of

It was the day of the big game.

day by day

Morale was sinking day by day.

2 time between sunrise and sunset
beautiful, bright, fine, glorious, hot, nice, sunny, warm
cloudy, cold, grey/gray, rainy, windy
autumn (esp. BrE), fall (AmE), spring, summer, summer's, winter, winter's

a fine summer's day

fun, good, great, happy, lovely, perfect, wonderful

Memories of happy days on the hills never fade.

bad, terrible

On a bad day chaos reigns and nobody can predict when a plane will leave.

It's been one of the worst days of my life.


I knew I had a full day's driving ahead of me.


We spent the day gardening.


Be sure to start the day with a good breakfast.


I never thought I would see the day when free elections would be held in this country.

break, dawn

As day dawned I found her already hard at work.


How did your day go?

by day

We preferred to travel at night and rest by day.

during the day
for a/the day

We went to the beach for the day.

all day (long)
at the end of the day
day and night
one of those days

It's been one of those days when everything's gone wrong.

3 hours of the day when you work
work (usually workday) (AmE), working (BrE)
bad, busy, hard, long, tiring

a hard day at the office

good, quiet, slow
7-hour, 8-hour, etc.

I do a 9-hour day


I am entitled to ten paid sick days a year.

vacation (AmE)
a good day's work
4 (often days) particular period of time
early, former, old, olden

in the early days of television

school, student, young

in his younger days

glory, golden, happy, heady

the heady days of the ‘swinging sixties’


the dark days of recession


Some players go into management once their playing days are over.

in sb's day

Things were very different in my grandfather's day.

of the day

the government of the day

since the days of

Much has changed since the days of my youth.

gone are the days when … 

Gone are the days when you could smoke in restaurants.

the bad old days, the good old days

That was in the bad old days of rampant inflation.

in this day and age
in those days
the present day

a study of drama from Ibsen to the present day

these days

Kids grow up so quickly these days.

those were the days (= used to suggest that a time in the past was better than now)
NOTE: Days of the week
last … , next … , that … , this … , this coming … 

The concert is this coming Wednesday.

Are you free next Thursday?

the … before, the previous … 

I'd been paid the previous Friday.

the following … 

She was due to start work the following Monday.

 … of last/next week,  … of that/this week

He arrived on Monday of last week.

the … before last

We came here the Tuesday before last.

 … week, a week on … 

I've bought tickets for Thursday week (= for the performance that is seven days after Thursday).

the first, second, last … in the month, the first, second, last … of the month

The museum is free on the last Sunday of every month.

alternate … , each … , every … 

The competition is held on alternate Wednesdays.

all day … 

The restaurant is closed all day Saturday.

 … afternoon, evening, morning, night, etc.

I'll see you on Friday evening.

Saturday lunchtimes are very busy in the restaurant.

first thing (on) … 

I'll post it first thing on Monday morning.

late (on) … 

The crash occurred late on Tuesday night.

one … 

One Saturday morning, without telling anyone of my plan, I boarded a bus and headed out.

spend … 

She liked to spend Saturday afternoon shopping.

manage …  (informal)

I could manage (= meet you on) Tuesday, say 11.30?

open/closed (on) … 

We're open every day except Sunday.

 … arrives,  … comes,  … dawns (literary)

Monday dawned, with a promise of sunshine.

on (a) … 

A public meeting is to be held on Wednesday at the church.

We'll meet Monday.

(informal, esp. AmE)

She was born on a Sunday.

I like to just relax on Saturdays.

between … and … , (from) … to … , through (AmE)

The office is open until 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

We'll be in Miami Tuesday through Friday.

by, no later than … 

Entries are to arrive no later than Monday, October 1.

for … 

A special meeting is arranged for Friday, May 17.

Monday's deadline, election, game, meeting, race, etc.

He was not present at Tuesday's meeting.

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