fair, good, sweet (AmE)
bad, raw, rotten, rough

Immigrants often get a bad deal when it comes to pay.

blockbuster (AmE, informal), major

They are hoping to clinch a major deal to supply computers to the army.


The TV station has signed an exclusive deal to show every game of the season.

five-year, etc.
compromise (esp. BrE)
cut-price (BrE)

The company are offering cut-price deals on many flights.


He has been mixed up in several shady deals with arms dealers.

back-room, secret
sweetheart (= unfairly treating one person or company better than another) (AmE)

They can't offer us a sweetheart deal on the rental fees we pay.


The union accepted a package deal including higher pensions.

business, financial, political, trade

The band eventually signed a record deal.

endorsement, financing, pay, sponsorship
arms, weapons
two-book, three-picture, etc.

The band signed a two-album deal with a record company.

agree (BrE), agree on, agree to, close, complete, conclude, cut (informal), do, finalize, ink (AmE, informal), make, reach, seal, sign, strike

Management and unions have agreed a new deal on pay and productivity.

I'll make a deal with you—I'll work evenings if you'll work weekends.

arrange, broker, hammer out, negotiate, structure (esp. AmE), work out

The company structured a deal to purchase the competitor out of bankruptcy.

clinch, get, land, secure, swing (informal, esp. AmE), win

Nurses have taken to the streets to get a fair deal from the government.


She has a lucrative deal with a cosmetics company.

pull out of

We pulled out of the deal because of rising costs.

nix (AmE, informal), scupper

Any sponsorship deal would be scuppered if Jones misses the Olympics.

offer (sb), propose
pursue, seek

The company hopes to pursue similar deals with other providers.

accept, approve

Staff have accepted a deal offering them a 2% share of profits.

block, oppose, reject

He even sweetened the deal with a $5 000 signing bonus.

go ahead, happen

The pay deal will not now go ahead.

fall apart, fall through

The deal fell through when the author received a more attractive offer.

involve sb/sth
allow sth

business brokers and other deal makers (esp. AmE)

breaker, killer (informal, both esp. AmE)

Lack of accounting clarity can discourage investors and become a deal breaker.

in a/the deal

They took over the company in a £750 000 deal.

under a/the deal

Under the deal, you save money if you repay the loan early.

deal between

a deal between Brazil and Argentina

deal from

You may get a better deal from another bank.

deal on

I got a very good deal on my new car.

deal over

The unions are ready to do a deal over pay.

deal with

The company has done a deal with the cleaning staff.

get a fair deal, get a square deal

The union tries to get a square deal for all its members.

part of the deal

An increased pay offer is part of the deal.

the terms of the deal

Under the terms of the deal, the band has to make two albums a year.


The business deals in second-hand books.


Our factory deals directly with its customers.

deal with sth
quickly, speedily
at length, fully

This topic is dealt with at greater length in the following chapter.

adequately, effectively
fairly, honestly, properly

You have not dealt fairly with me.


Not all complaints are so easily dealt with.


The two issues should be dealt with separately.

a way of dealing with sth

We discussed different ways of dealing with the problem.

Deal is used with these nouns as the object: ↑blow, ↑card, ↑hand, ↑setback

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