1 discussion

the growing debate on school reform

fierce, heated, intense, lively, raging, robust, serious, spirited, vigorous

There has been heated debate about whether the movie should be allowed.

acrimonious, bitter, contentious

The club started admitting women in 1901 after years of bitter debate.

rational, reasoned

The nature of this book is to provoke reasoned debate.

honest, open

Honest debate is the foundation of democracy.

continuing, ongoing

the ongoing debate over American foreign policy

age-old, long-running, long-standing
contemporary, current
broader, wider

You cannot separate unemployment from the wider debate about the economy.


Television actually encourages public debate about such issues.


Efforts to reduce the budget have led to a lot of internal debate at the studio.

philosophical, political, scientific, theological
academic, intellectual, scholarly
contribute to

Many leading charities have contributed to the debate on world poverty.

enter, join

He was reluctant to enter the debate for or against war.

encourage, promote

A healthy society promotes vigorous debate.

fuel, generate, ignite, provoke, spark off, spur, start, stimulate, stir, trigger

This accident has sparked off an intense debate on road safety.

reignite, rekindle, renew, reopen

The incident has reignited public debate over the role of teachers.

drive, influence

He accused the government of trying to stifle debate.

frame, shape

The entire debate is framed in terms of what you can do to protect yourself.

lose, win

The environmentalists seem to have lost the debate over the building of this road.

resolve, settle

Three major issues have dominated the education debate.


These events shifted debate from economic issues to social ones.

be a matter for, be open to

The benefits of the new law are open to debate.

occur, take place

A debate about safety is taking place in schools everywhere.

arise, erupt
centre/center on sth, focus on sth, revolve around sth

The debate focused on who should pay for the changes.

under debate

The issue is still under debate.

debate about, debate on, debate over

the debate on the environment

debate among

the debate among academics

debate between
debate surrounding

the debate surrounding contemporary art

debate with
the subject of debate

The proposed changes to the law have been the subject of much debate.

2 a formal discussion
lengthy, long
acrimonious, fierce, heated, lively, stormy

a stormy debate in the House of Commons

congressional, legislative, presidential, vice-presidential (in the US)

legislative debates over gay marriage

parliamentary (in the UK)

a parliamentary debate on the fishing industry


We had a brief debate about whether or not to accept the offer.

hold, host

The union holds debates for students.

participate in, speak in, take part in

Do you ever speak in debates?

moderate (esp. AmE)

The president will open the debate.

lose, win

The government lost the debate in the House of Commons.

The poll showed that the Democrat won last night's presidential debate.

moderator (AmE)
coach, team (both AmE)
performance (esp. AmE)

Experts pore over the President's debate performances.

during a/the debate, in a/the debate
debate about, debate on, debate over

Many of these points were raised during the debate on prison reform.

fully, properly (esp. BrE), seriously, thoroughly
fiercely, hotly, vigorously

The issue is still being hotly debated.

openly, publicly

The question of security needs to be debated publicly.

at length, endlessly, extensively

a presidential candidate debating with his opponent

He sat there debating with himself what to do.

be widely debated

The report has been widely debated in the industry.

Debate is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑congress, ↑parliament
Debate is used with these nouns as the object: ↑bill, ↑issue, ↑matter, ↑merit, ↑motion, ↑problem, ↑subject, ↑topic

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