1 sum of money owed
big, crippling, enormous, heavy, high, huge, large, massive, substantial

He was burdened with crippling debts.


a company faced with mounting debts

outstanding, unpaid

She used her lottery winnings to pay off her outstanding debts.

bad (= that cannot be repaid)

Bad debt has hit the bank's profits this year.

long-term, short-term
overall, total
gross, net
commercial, corporate
federal, government
external, foreign, international
national, public

The country has a national debt of 80% of GNP.


He used the cash to pay off personal debts.

credit-card, loan, mortgage

Managing your student loan debt is not easy.

be burdened with, have, owe (sb)

the substantial debts that the company owed to the bank

accumulate, incur, run up

She ran up huge debts on her credit card.

clear, eliminate, meet, pay, pay back, pay off, repay, retire (AmE, finance), settle

Without a job, he'll never clear his debts.

It'll take months to pay off all your debts.


The new governments main aim is to tackle the country's massive debt.

default on

The company defaulted on its debt and its assets were seized.

cancel, erase, forgive, wipe out, write off

After a series of meetings, the banks were forced to write off the company's debts.

service (= pay interest on)

The fall in exports has left the country unable to service its debts.

refinance, reschedule, restructure

The company has reached a deal allowing it to restructure its debts.


He wanted to consolidate his debts into one payment.


The first step in managing your debt is to stop incurring it.


a debt secured on property

fall due (BrE)
stand at sth, total sth

The national debt stands at $7 billion.

arise from sth (BrE)

debts arising from bad investments

collection, collector
payment, repayment
burden, level, load, obligation

Data show that debt levels at private companies are increasing.


We offer financial and debt-management advice.

cancellation, forgiveness, relief

a solution to the debt crisis of the developing world

of debt

$80 million of debt

a burden of debt

Faced with a mounting burden of debt, he sold off the company.

payment of a debt, repayment of a debt, settlement of a debt
2 state of owing money
get into, go into, slip into

It is easy to get into serious debt with a credit card.

get out of

You can get out of debt by strict economizing.

in debt

He was heavily in debt by the time he sought advice.

out of debt

We're all struggling to stay out of debt.

deeply in debt, heavily in debt
3 sth that you owe sb
acknowledge, recognize

She was simply repaying a debt, saving his career in return for him saving hers.

in sb's debt

I will be forever in Ruth's debt for the excellent advice she gave me.

debt to

In the introduction, the author acknowledges her debt to other writers on the subject.

owe a debt of gratitude to sb

We owe a great debt of gratitude to our families for their support.

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