complete, comprehensive (esp. BrE), decisive, heavy, major, overwhelming, resounding, serious, stunning, total

Their party suffered a heavy defeat in the election.

bitter, catastrophic, crushing, devastating, disastrous, embarrassing, humiliating, ignominious (formal)

The battle ended in a humiliating defeat.


They lost 4–3 in their second narrow defeat of the week.

consecutive, successive
final, ultimate
election, electoral, political
accept, admit, concede

She is very determined, and will never admit defeat.

The prime minister conceded defeat and resigned.

experience, suffer
go down to, slump to (both BrE, sports)

The team went down to their fifth consecutive defeat.

reverse (BrE)

A good politician can always reverse any defeats.


We just need to avoid defeat in our last two games.


The army inflicted a heavy defeat on rebel forces.

end in
lead to
defeat against

last week's crushing defeat against their rivals

defeat by

their defeat by the Brazilians

defeat at the hands of sb

The team suffered defeat at the hands of their oldest rivals.

turn defeat into a victory

They turned a military defeat into a media victory.

comprehensively (BrE), convincingly (esp. BrE), decisively, easily, handily (AmE), heavily (BrE), overwhelmingly, roundly, soundly, thoroughly

The English were decisively defeated by the rebels in the battle that followed.

The senator was decisively defeated by his rivals.

completely, totally

He said it was impossible to defeat the terrorists militarily.


Our team was narrowly defeated in the final.

eventually, finally, ultimately

The motion was defeated by 20 votes to 18.

Defeat is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑army
Defeat is used with these nouns as the object: ↑amendment, ↑army, ↑bill, ↑challenger, ↑champion, ↑communism, ↑enemy, ↑evil, ↑fleet, ↑foe, ↑initiative, ↑measure, ↑menace, ↑military, ↑monster, ↑motion, ↑opponent, ↑purpose, ↑rebel, ↑regime, ↑rival, ↑terror, ↑terrorism, ↑tyranny

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