1 act of delivering sth; goods delivered
large, small
express, fast, immediate, prompt, quick
on-time (esp. AmE)
morning, next-day, overnight
recorded (BrE) (certified mail in AmE), scheduled, special

Ensure all material is properly packed and sent by recorded delivery.


guaranteed express delivery to over 170 countries


We need more efficient delivery of humanitarian aid.

mail (esp. BrE), newspaper, pizza

All mail deliveries were suspended during the strike.

a pizza delivery boy


We offer free home delivery.


The cuts will inevitably impact on service delivery.


Digital content delivery, especially music and video, is the next big business.

do, make

We do all our deliveries in the mornings.

accept, take

The government has now taken delivery of the new fighter planes.

get, receive

We receive only one delivery of books per week.


We guarantee delivery before 9 a.m. the next day.


Order by 30 November to ensure delivery by Christmas.

enhance, facilitate, improve

We have invested to improve service delivery.

speed, speed up

We are awaiting delivery of some new office furniture.

truck (esp. AmE), van
date, schedule, time
boy, guy (AmE, informal), man

He was employed at the local grocery store as a delivery boy.

mechanism, method, system

an electronic message delivery system

for delivery

completed orders for delivery

on delivery

Please pay the driver on delivery.

delivery to

The company offers free delivery to your home.

2 giving birth to a baby
difficult, easy
premature, preterm
Caesarean, Caesarean-section, C-section (AmE)

The figures show an increase in forceps deliveries.


She had a very easy delivery with her second child.


Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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