1 leaving/going away from a place
abrupt, sudden

Everyone was a little puzzled by her sudden departure.

hasty, quick
early, late
imminent, impending

The guard blew his whistle to warn of the train's imminent departure.


The last check-in time is 45 minutes before flight departure.


He made a hasty departure.


Her disagreement with the MD probably hastened her departure.


Our boss sent out an email announcing her departure.


Atocha station was the departure point for our tour.

date, time
gate, lounge

We sat in the departure lounge waiting for our flight to be called.

before departure, prior to departure

You should receive your flight tickets at least a week prior to departure.

on departure

All visitors must sign the book on arrival and again on departure.

departure for

his departure for Naples

departure from

her departure from Toronto

the day, time, etc. of departure
the point of departure (figurative)

The author takes Freud's dream theories as the point of departure for his essay.

2 sth different from what is usual/expected
big (informal), complete, dramatic, fundamental, major, marked, radical, sharp (AmE), significant

This project represents a big departure for me.

refreshing (esp. AmE), welcome
be, mark, represent
departure from

This document marks a radical departure from earlier recommendations.

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