1 unhappiness/mental illness
serious, severe
black (esp. BrE), deep

moments of deep depression

acute, chronic
mild, minor
post-natal, post-partum (AmE)
bout, fit, period

The actor says he suffers frequent bouts of depression.

In a fit of depression, she threw away all her books.

A period of acute depression can sometimes follow childbirth.

develop, fall into, go into, succumb to

She fell into a black depression and refused to leave her room.

experience, have, suffer, suffer from

She was diagnosed as having clinical depression.

be treated for

His wife had left him and he was being treated for depression.

come out of, get over, overcome

She was gradually coming out of her depression.

cause, lead to, trigger

Bereavement can often lead to depression.

alleviate, reduce, relieve, treat

a new drug used to treat depression


Her depression has lifted now.

affect sb

Depression affects a surprising number of people.

in depression

He may have killed himself in depression.

with depression

He's been off work for months with depression.

the depths of depression

I was in the depths of depression after receiving my exam results.

feelings of depression
the onset of depression

The onset of depression often follows a traumatic event.

a state of depression

He was in a state of acute depression.

symptoms of depression
treatment for depression

She had been receiving medical treatment for depression.

2 period of reduced economic activity
great, major, serious, severe

The country is experiencing a severe economic depression.

be in the grip of, experience
go into

The market has gone into depression.


The depression seems to be deepening.

during a/the depression, in a/the depression

Many people lost their jobs in the great depression of the 1930s.

the depths of a depression
a period of depression

periods of severe economic depression

3 hollow part in the surface of sth
shallow, slight, small
depression in, depression on

The photos show a shallow depression on the planet's surface.

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