considerable, enormous, extreme, grave, great, major, real, serious, severe

We had enormous difficulty in getting hold of the right equipment.


questions of increasing difficulty


the difficulties inherent in treating overdose patients

particular, special

English spelling presents special difficulties for foreign learners.

economic, financial
practical, technical

I think we've managed to overcome most of the practical difficulties.

behavioural/behavioral, emotional, learning

children with learning difficulties


The games have various levels of difficulty.

encounter, experience, face, get into, have, run into

Among the difficulties encountered was a lack of cooperation on the part of the authorities.

Anyone experiencing difficulty with radio reception should call us on the new helpline.

Some companies are getting into difficulty.

Let me know if you have any difficulties.

I had little difficulty in persuading the others to come.

The plan has run into serious difficulties.

cause, create, make, pose, present

Will it cause any difficulties if I go early?

She is always making difficulties for herself.


This increases the difficulty of the shot.

cope with, deal with, overcome, resolve, solve, surmount

how to avoid technical difficulties

be fraught with

The situation was fraught with difficulty.


Please report any difficulties to the help desk.


Difficulties arise when people fail to consult their colleagues.

lie (in sth)

The difficulty lies in identifying the precise nature of the problem.

despite a/the difficulty

Despite all the difficulties, he still remains optimistic.

in difficulty

Some companies are already in difficulty.

We could see that the swimmer was in difficulties. (esp. BrE)

with difficulty, without difficulty

We crossed the border without any difficulty.

Life in the city was not without its difficulties.

difficulty in

She had difficulty in starting her car.

difficulty of

the difficulty of finding an affordable hotel

difficulty with

I'm having difficulty with the engine.

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