1 managing international relations
careful, shrewd
clever, deft, effective, skilful/skillful

It will take deft diplomacy to sustain the fragile momentum.

His skilful/skillful diplomacy has secured new European allies.

Effective trade diplomacy is vital.

aggressive, coercive (esp. AmE), forceful

He also wants more aggressive unilateral diplomacy.

Sanctions and coercive diplomacy have failed.


What they could not take by political intrigue they took by gunboat diplomacy (= threatening military action).

checkbook (AmE)

The time for checkbook diplomacy is over.

global, international, multilateral

We will continue to seek solutions to the problems of this region through multilateral diplomacy.


Churchill's highly personal diplomacy in seeking a meeting with the Russians

public (esp. AmE)

the challenge to improve public diplomacy and define the country's message to the world


Cultural diplomacy between the two countries was an integral part of this development.


a crisis lying outside the scope of traditional diplomacy


The understanding between the two countries came about through quiet diplomacy.


The raid followed years of failed diplomacy.


a round of shuttle diplomacy between Washington and Brussels

American, Anglo-French, European, Russian, US, etc.

We prefer to use diplomacy rather than force to get people to move.

conduct, pursue

This was no way to conduct diplomacy.

She urged the leaders to pursue diplomacy.


if diplomacy fails and combat is necessary


There's a familiar rule that diplomacy works best when backed by the threat of force.

by diplomacy, through diplomacy

We must try and resolve this situation through diplomacy rather than conflict.

2 skill in dealing with people

We need someone who has tact and diplomacy.

exercise, show, use

I thought you showed great diplomacy in dealing with him.


Kerry's willingness to try diplomacy holds out at least a hope of making progress.

need, require

Trying to get the divorced couple to agree calls for a great deal of diplomacy.

by diplomacy, through diplomacy

The way forward in this situation is by diplomacy and negotiation.

with diplomacy

She handled the awkward situation with her usual quiet diplomacy.

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