bitter, considerable, deep, major, profound, serious, sharp, significant, strong, substantial, substantive (esp. AmE), total, wide, widespread

There is wide disagreement on this issue.

minor, slight
basic, fundamental

internal disagreements within the party

genuine, honest

Honest disagreement is often a healthy thing.

respectful (formal, esp. AmE)

I would like to note my respectful disagreement with this sentiment.

ideological, moral, principled (formal, esp. AmE)

I'm sure you have principled disagreements with several of Dean's positions.

legitimate, reasonable

There are legitimate disagreements about the best way to help the poor.


the incessant public disagreements among the commissioners

policy, political

the inevitable disagreements over what tactics they should use

be in, have

They were in disagreement about the move to Ohio.

They had a disagreement about the best way to get to the beach.

express, indicate, register, show, voice

She expressed disagreement with the government's policy.

resolve, settle, solve

How is a basic disagreement of this nature to be resolved?

address (esp. AmE), discuss, handle (esp. AmE)

a forum for both sides to address their disagreements over the issues

cause, lead to, provoke

Great care is taken to avoid overt disagreements within the group.


These exchanges reflected fundamental disagreements about methods and goals.

arise, occur

A disagreement arose over who should pay for the trip.


Disagreement exists over the pattern of demand for coal.

centre/center around sb/sth, centre/center on sb/sth

a disagreement centring/centering on the link between crime and unemployment

in disagreement

He shook his head in disagreement.

disagreement about, disagreement as to, disagreement over

They had a major disagreement over who should clean the car.

disagreement among

There is considerable disagreement among art historians as to the age of the sculpture.

disagreement between

a serious disagreement between the two experts

disagreement on

There is fundamental disagreement on these matters.

disagreement with

He had a disagreement with his girlfriend.

an area of disagreement

There are several areas of disagreement between the two governments.

a point of disagreement

Another point of disagreement was over privacy issues.

a source of disagreement

Money was a constant source of disagreement.

room for disagreement, scope for disagreement (BrE)

There is plenty of room for disagreement in this controversial area.

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