general, widespread
growing, increasing
popular, public

Public discontent with the economy remained at a high level.

political, social
breed, cause, give rise to, lead to, provoke

The higher tax provoked widespread discontent among the poor.


Overcrowded conditions will only fuel discontent among prisoners.


the discontent that many people felt

seethe with

The country was seething with discontent and the threat of revolution was real.

express, voice

The peasants expressed their discontent.

grow, spread
discontent among

discontent among the workforce

discontent about, discontent at, discontent over

discontent among students about the lack of funding for education

discontent with

growing discontent with the government

discontent within

There were reports of growing discontent within the army.

a feeling of discontent, feelings of discontent
murmurs of discontent, rumbles of discontent, rumblings of discontent
a source of discontent

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