detailed, extensive, full, in-depth, thorough (esp. AmE)

They had a detailed discussion of the issues.

extended, lengthy, long

After considerable discussion, they decided to accept our offer.

initial, preliminary

The plan was agreed without further discussion.

broad, general, wide-ranging

a wide-ranging discussion on women's rights

formal, informal

After the lecture there will be an opportunity for informal discussion.

bilateral, class, classroom, group, panel, round-table

a series of bilateral discussions with North Korea

Women were asked to take part in small group discussions.

one-on-one (AmE), one-to-one (esp. BrE)
candid, frank, honest, open
constructive, helpful, meaningful, useful
deep, insightful, serious, thoughtful
animated, heated, intense, lively

a heated discussion about politics

fascinating, interesting
academic, philosophical, scholarly, technical, theoretical
email, online
have, hold

We had a long discussion about the plans for next year.

The two governments are to hold discussions on the border issue.

enter into

We are hoping to enter into discussions with union leaders.

be involved in, join in, participate in, take part in

They refused to take part in the discussions.

generate, initiate, prompt, provoke, spark

These latest findings have generated a lot of discussion of the moral issues involved.

encourage, facilitate, stimulate
merit, warrant
set up

ways of setting up discussions between children to explore each other's viewpoints

begin, open, start

Who is going to start the discussion?

dominate, lead

The discussion was led by the director of marketing.

bring sth up for, come up for, open sth up for

The issue should come up for discussion at the conference.

The topic must be opened up for general discussion.

open up

We need to open up a discussion on the basic aspects of the theory.


I wish to confine the discussion to income taxation.

sum up

Let us sum up the discussion so far.

conclude, end

We decided to end the discussion before it got out of hand.


We'll continue this discussion some other time.

defer, postpone
follow up

Discussion should be followed up by a written report.

take place

Discussions have taken place between the two leaders.

centre/center on, focus on, revolve around

Discussion centred on the contribution different groups would make to the project.

break out, ensue

An intense discussion broke out about the importance of intuition.

Adam raised the issue of multimedia and much useful discussion ensued.

board, forum, list

online discussion forums

I unsubscribed from every email discussion list I was on.

for discussion

the subject for discussion

during a/the discussion, in a/the discussion

During our discussions we raised many issues that need deeper consideration.

in discussion with

The company had been in discussion with companies in Brazil.

under discussion

Plans for a new road are still under discussion.

discussion about, discussion on

an important forum for discussion about the arts

We had a discussion about political reform.

discussion among

a discussion among parents, teachers, and students

discussion as to

Discussion continues as to the relative merits of the different plans.

discussion between

discussions between the company and the unions

discussion of

a discussion of the issues involved

discussion with

discussions with the government

a basis for discussion

We can use the draft document as a basis for discussion.

discussion and debate

The incident has provoked much discussion and debate.

a forum for discussion

The group provides a forum for the discussion of ideas.

the outcome of a discussion

The outcome of the discussions is a decision to proceed with Phase 2 of the project.

a subject for/of discussion, a topic for/of discussion

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