1 container
flat, shallow
baking, roasting, serving
ovenproof (esp. BrE)
china, glass, metal, plastic, silver
casserole, gratin (esp. BrE), pie, soufflé, soup
butter, candy (AmE), food, soap, vegetable

your pet's food dish

culture, lab (informal), laboratory, Petri
in a/the dish

Arrange the salad in a serving dish.

2 the dishes plates, bowls, etc.
clean, washed
dirty, unwashed

The dirty breakfast dishes were still in the sink when we got home.

breakfast, dinner
clean (AmE), do, wash

It's your turn to do the dishes.


He dried the dishes and put them away.

clear, clear away, put away
3 type of food
main, side

Serve one or two main dishes with a choice of salads and nibbles.


Do you have a favourite/favorite dish?

delicious, tasty, wonderful

a simple dish, beautifully prepared

classic, traditional
savoury/savory, sweet
cold, hot
international, local, national, regional

The national dish is ‘feijoada’—pork with beans.

Chinese, French, etc.
cheese, egg, fish, meat, pasta, rice, seafood, vegetable

Goulash is a meat dish.

breakfast, dinner (esp. AmE), lunch, supper (esp. BrE)

Smoked salmon makes a wonderful supper dish.

signature (= a dish that identifies a particular restaurant/chef)
cook, make, prepare

She cooked us a delicious French dish with pork and tomatoes.


a restaurant that serves traditional Indian dishes

sample, try

They sampled all the local dishes.

the dish of the day

I can recommend the dish of the day.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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