1 actions that upset the normal state of sb/sth
great, major, serious
minimal, minimum, minor, slight
environmental, physical

environmental disturbances caused by roads and traffic


an unacceptable level of disturbance to our staff

cause, create, make

The traffic causes serious disturbance to residents.

experience, suffer
feel, sense

Fish can sense disturbances in the water.


She moved the nest very carefully to prevent disturbance to the birds.

without disturbance

a place where you can work without disturbance

disturbance from

disturbance from noisy traffic

disturbance of

the disturbance of marine life caused by oil spillages

disturbance to

Buildings should create minimum disturbance to the environment.

2 (esp. BrE) violent public event

The decision led to serious disturbances in all the country's main cities.

crowd (BrE)
civil, political, racial, social
domestic (BrE, AmE)

Police had been called to a domestic disturbance.

cause, give rise to, lead to, trigger

He was arrested and charged with causing a disturbance.

An influx of refugees has triggered disturbances in the city.

be involved in

Large numbers of workers involved in the disturbances have been arrested.

deal with, put down, quell

Troops were brought in to put down the disturbance.

involve sb

disturbances involving members of a crowd of 550 demonstrators

during a/the disturbance, in a/the disturbance

Several people were injured during a disturbance in the capital city.

disturbance among

There had been violent disturbances among the prisoners.

disturbance between

disturbances between members of two rival factions

a disturbance of the peace (law, esp. BrE) (usually disturbing the peace in AmE)
3 emotional/physical upset
serious, severe
behavioural/behavioral, emotional, mental, psychiatric, psychological

teenagers suffering from a psychological disturbance

menstrual, visual
mood, personality
experience, have, suffer from

9% of children have a serious emotional disturbance.


Many patients reported sleep disturbances after taking the drug.

disturbance in

a disturbance in liver function

emotional disturbances in children

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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