Dividend-paying is used with these nouns: ↑stock

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  • dividend-paying — UK US adjective [before noun] ► FINANCE paying an investor in the form of a dividend: »a dividend paying stock/share/asset …   Financial and business terms

  • dividend — div·i·dend / di və ˌdend/ n 1: the part of corporate net earnings distributed usu. periodically (as quarterly) to stockholders in the form of cash, additional shares, or property either as a set amount per share or a percentage of par value… …   Law dictionary

  • Dividend Rollover Plan — An investment strategy in which a dividend paying stock is purchased right before the ex dividend date, which gives the purchaser the right to the divided, with the position being sold off shortly after the ex dividend date. The sole intention of …   Investment dictionary

  • Dividend Capture — A timing oriented investment strategy revolving around the purchase and sale of dividend paying stocks. Dividend capture is specifically the practice of buying a stock just prior to the ex dividend date in order to capture the dividend, then… …   Investment dictionary

  • Dividend ETF — Any exchange traded fund that seeks to provide high yields by investing in a basket of high dividend paying common stocks, preferred stocks or REITs. There are dividend ETFs that contain only U.S. domestic stocks and global dividend ETFs, which… …   Investment dictionary

  • Dividend imputation — is a corporate tax system in which some or all of the tax paid by a company may be attributed, or imputed, to the shareholders by way of a tax credit to reduce the income tax payable on a distribution. In comparison to the classical system, it… …   Wikipedia

  • dividend-stripping — ˈdividend ˌstripping noun [uncountable] FINANCE when someone sells shares just before a dividend payment and buys them again after the payment in order to avoid paying tax on the dividend: • Dividend stripping is to some extent considered… …   Financial and business terms

  • dividend cheque — UK US UK (US dividend check) noun [C] (also dividend warrant) ► FINANCE a cheque (= printed form for making a payment from a bank account) paying someone a dividend on their shares: »Dividend cheques are valid for one year from the date on the… …   Financial and business terms

  • Dividend policy — Accountancy Key concepts Accountant · Accounting period · Bookkeeping · Cash and accrual basis · Cash flow management · Chart of accounts  …   Wikipedia

  • Dividend tax — Taxation An aspect of fiscal policy …   Wikipedia

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