1 official paper/book
important, key

one of the key documents in this case

lengthy, long
brief, short
10-page, etc.
complete, entire, whole

This statement must be understood in the context of the entire document.


The original document has been lost or destroyed.

paper, printed, written
published, unpublished
attached, enclosed

Please sign the enclosed document and return it to me.


A constitution need not be a single document.

classified, confidential, privileged (law), secret, sensitive, top-secret
declassified, public

Documents will be available at the news conference.


details of internal UN documents

signed, unsigned
disclosed (esp. BrE), leaked
authentic, genuine
fake, false, forged, fraudulent (esp. AmE), phoney/phony (esp. AmE)
court, government, legal, official
policy, strategy

Keep your travel documents in a secure place.

registration (esp. BrE)

the car's registration document (BrE)

contract, offer (BrE), tender (BrE) (all business)

He has promised to send out a formal offer document to shareholders by Monday.

consultation (BrE), consultative (BrE), discussion, planning, working

The Department issued a consultation document.

a working document in the discussions for a final treaty

basic, framework (esp. BrE)
binding, contractual (BrE)

A document signed in another country is as legally binding as one signed at home.

constitutional, founding (esp. AmE)

The 1840 treaty is widely regarded as New Zealand's founding document.

draft, draw up, prepare, produce

The government has produced an important new policy document.

type, write
disclose (law), issue, publish, release

a consultative document issued by the Department

obtain, receive

Copies of the relevant documents must be filed at court.

hand sb, hand over, present, submit

Supporting documents must be submitted to the supervisory authority.

produce, show

He was unable to produce the document that he claimed would prove his case.

circulate, send, send out

documents leaked from the government to the press


He was trying to destroy documents that testified to his guilt.

go through, read, read through

Go through the document checking for errors.

search through

I had to search through 4 000 documents to find the information I needed.

consider, examine, study
review (esp. AmE)
adopt, approve, execute (law), sign

The conference adopted a document on minority rights.

refer to
attach, enclose

The relevant documents are enclosed for your information.


Existing paper documents could be scanned into a computer.

concern sth, deal with sth, focus on sth, relate to sth
contain sth, cover sth, include sth

documents covering various points of concern

refer to sth
acknowledge sth, describe sth, detail sth, explain sth, indicate sth, list sth, note sth, outline sth, record sth, say sth, set out sth, state sth, tell sb sth

The document says they are against tax rebates.

call for sth, propose sth, suggest sth

a document calling for a ceasefire

reveal sth, show sth
summarize sth
confirm sth
be called sth, be entitled sth, be headed sth

a document entitled ‘Guidelines for Good Practice’

be written

The document is written in Chinese.

be dated … , date back to … , date from … 

documents dating back to the 1920s

The document is dated 775.

according to a/the document

According to leaked cabinet documents, no compensation would be paid.

in a/the document

He particularly criticized the terminology in the document.

throughout a/the document

There is a disclaimer throughout the official documents.

document about, document concerning

a document concerning arbitration procedures in Cairo

document of

a document of 2 000 words

Her journal is an important document of 19th-century rural life

document on

a government document on education policy

a draft of a document, a version of a document
the authenticity of a document

There is little reason to doubt the authenticity of this document.

2 computer file
HTML, XML, etc.
hypertext, text

I saved my work and opened a new document.

active, current

Highlight a passage in the active document and click on the print icon.

close, open

to display documents on screen

scroll through

Scroll through the document using the scroll bar.


a software tool for searching documents

create, generate

To create a new document, select New from the File menu.


Save the document before closing.

receive, send

Send and receive documents at the click of a button.

print, print out
in a/the document

Cut and paste is used to move text to a new place in the document.

Document is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑photograph, ↑report, ↑study
Document is used with these nouns as the object: ↑change, ↑effect, ↑history, ↑instance, ↑occurrence

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