domestic, family, pet
feral, wild
pedigree (esp. BrE), pure-bred (esp. AmE)
lap, toy

The lady was kissing a little lap dog.

puppy (often figurative, esp. AmE)

He looked at me with puppy-dog eyes.

faithful, friendly
good, well-behaved, well-trained

Bad dog! What are you doing there?

dangerous, fierce, savage, vicious
junkyard (AmE, figurative)

election lawyers who are mean as junkyard dogs

mad, rabid

Rex was a champion show dog.

bird (AmE), gun, hound (AmE), hunting
guide, Seeing Eye dog™ (AmE)

The labrador is being trained to be a guide dog for the blind.

bomb-sniffing (AmE), cadaver (AmE), drug-sniffing (AmE), sniffer (esp. BrE), tracker

Sniffer dogs were used to find the drugs.

attack, fighting
top (often figurative)

The team wanted to prove that they were top dogs in the region.

have, keep, own

The dog's owner was banned from keeping dogs for five years.


These dogs were bred to hunt small animals.


He's trained his dog to sit on the back of his bike.

take for a walk, walk

I'm just going to walk the dog.

pet (esp. AmE), stroke (esp. BrE)
neuter, spay (esp. AmE)

We didn't want puppies so we had the dog neutered.


The stray dogs are wormed and treated with flea powder.

destroy (esp. BrE), put down, put to sleep

A dog that bit a five-year-old child was later destroyed.

We recently had to put our dog to sleep.

bark, bay, howl, pant, whine

The dog barked loudly at the stranger.

growl, snarl
yap, yelp

The little dogs were yapping at my ankles.

run, scamper, walk
bound, leap

The dog bounded up to me and started licking my hand.

roam (sth), wander (sth)

Stray dogs roamed the streets at night.

attack sb/sth, go for sb/sth (BrE)

The dog went for him and bit him twice on the leg.

bite sb/sth, snap
maul sb/sth, savage sb/sth (esp. BrE)
chew sth, chew sth up, gnaw sth, gnaw at sth

The dog chewed up one of my shoes.

A dog was gnawing at an old bone.


A dog was sniffing around my heels.

prick up its ears, wag its tail

The dog was scratching at the door to be let in.

foul sth (BrE)

Owners who allow their dogs to foul the footpath will be fined.

biscuit, food
lead (BrE), leash (esp. AmE)
dirt (BrE), excrement (formal), faeces/feces (formal), mess (BrE), poo, turd
breeder, handler, lover, owner, trainer, walker
catcher, warden

The dog warden rounds up stray dogs and takes them to the pound until claimed.


Races have been held at this dog track for seventy years.

park (AmE)
Dog is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑injury

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