be, look, sound, taste
find sb/sth
absolutely, pretty, rather (esp. AmE), really, simply, truly, utterly

a truly amazing achievement

just, quite

He remembered our names from ten years ago— isn't that just amazing?


I saw the most amazing movie yesterday!

be nothing short of amazing (esp. AmE)

The results of the treatment were nothing short of amazing.

Amazing is used with these nouns: ↑accomplishment, ↑accuracy, ↑achievement, ↑agility, ↑array, ↑bargain, ↑capacity, ↑coincidence, ↑collection, ↑combination, ↑comeback, ↑discovery, ↑facility, ↑feat, ↑feeling, ↑gift, ↑job, ↑journey, ↑knack, ↑luck, ↑phenomenon, ↑piece, ↑rapidity, ↑recovery, ↑regularity, ↑resilience, ↑result, ↑revelation, ↑sight, ↑sound, ↑speed, ↑story, ↑success, ↑tale, ↑talent, ↑thing, ↑transformation, ↑variety

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