1 substance used as a medicine
powerful, strong
modern, new

They're hailing it as the new wonder drug.

anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial, antiviral, etc.

More and more children are being prescribed psychoactive drugs.


You used to be able to buy this medicine over the counter, but it is now a prescription drug.

non-prescription, over-the-counter

We want to make it possible for African companies to produce cheaper generic drugs.

brand-name (esp. AmE)

an athlete who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs

course, dose
be on, take

Are you taking any other drugs at present?

prescribe (sb), put sb on

The doctor put me on anti-inflammatory drugs.

give sb, treat sb with
administer, give sb

The nurses came around to give the patients their drugs.

develop, manufacture, produce

new drugs that have been developed recently


Some veterinary drugs are not approved for use in food-producing animals.

be resistant to, not respond to

Some infections are now resistant to drugs.

cure sth, help sth, treat sth

drugs that help the growth of skin tissue


Prescription drug prices rose.

drug against

a powerful drug against tuberculosis

drug for

He's taking drugs for depression.

2 illegal substance
illegal, illicit
hallucinogenic, mood-altering, psychoactive, psychotropic
class A, dangerous, hard

heroin and other hard drugs


Some addicts start on soft drugs.

designer (= artificially produced)

She had taken a new designer drug.


They had a liberal attitude to recreational drugs.

inject (See note for more verbs.)
baron, kingpin (esp. AmE), lord
screening, testing

Some workplaces have introduced mandatory drug screening.

drug offense (AmE), drugs offence (BrE)
drug charge (esp. AmE), drugs charge (BrE)
sentencing (esp. AmE)

a review of the drug sentencing laws to make penalties harsher

drug squad, drugs squad (both BrE)
drug czar (AmE), drugs tsar (BrE)

The new federal drug czar claimed the nation was winning the war on drugs.

the government's former drugs tsar


the latest moves in the drug war

(See note for more nouns.)
drink and drugs (BrE), drugs and alcohol (esp. AmE)

the dangers of drugs and alcohol

NOTE: Illegal drugs
do …  (informal), experiment with … , take … , try … , use … 

She confessed to having experimented with drugs in her youth.

be/get high on … 

They committed the crime while high on drugs.

be addicted to … , be dependent on … , be/get hooked on …  (informal)

bodybuilders who are addicted to steroids

be on …  (informal)

He seemed to be on acid most of the time.

be off … , come off … 

He's tried several times to come off cocaine.

possess … 

She was arrested on charges of possessing narcotics.

deal … , deal in … , sell … , smuggle … , supply … , traffic … , traffic in … 

The country imposes the death penalty for trafficking in marijuana.

seize … 

The heroin seized has an estimated street value of £600 000.

 … abuse,  … addiction,  … consumption,  … use

Heroin abuse has increased sharply.

 … habit (informal),  … problem

She allegedly has a $500-a-day coke habit.

 … overdose

Heroin overdose is a major cause of death among users.

 … addict,  … user

heroin users

 … dealer,  … trafficker,  … smuggler

a cocaine dealer

 … production,  … smuggling,  … trade,  … trafficking

The authorities have been accused of active involvement in the narcotics trade.

abuse of … , addiction to … , dependence on … , use of … 

the use of cocaine

trade in … 

measures to combat the trade in narcotics

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