consummate (esp. BrE), great
astonishing, incredible, remarkable, surprising
alarming (esp. BrE)

I obtained the drugs with alarming ease.

comparative, equal, relative

All questions were handled with equal ease and mastery.

apparent, seeming

I was surprised at the apparent ease with which he got into the building.

contemptuous (esp. BrE)

She returned her opponent's serve with contemptuous ease.

for ease in

The back of the garment is split for ease in walking.

for ease of

The whole machine is designed for ease of use.

with ease

They passed the exam with ease.

ease of

The car brings ease of access to the countryside.

1 make sth less painful/serious/difficult
considerably, greatly

The situation would be considerably eased if more money were made available.

slightly, somewhat

The pain in my leg gradually eased away.

help (to)

The new road should help ease traffic problems.

begin to

Tensions between the two countries are beginning to ease.

try to
2 move carefully
carefully, gently

I eased myself slowly out of bed.

away, back, down, forward, etc.

Jean eased back on the pillows and relaxed.

away from

He eased himself into the driving seat.

out of

She carefully eased the car out of the garage

Ease is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑pain, ↑pressure, ↑tension
Ease is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ache, ↑anxiety, ↑ban, ↑blockade, ↑bulk, ↑burden, ↑concern, ↑congestion, ↑conscience, ↑cramp, ↑crisis, ↑discomfort, ↑distress, ↑embarrassment, ↑fear, ↑guilt, ↑loneliness, ↑mind, ↑misery, ↑nerve, ↑pain, ↑path, ↑plight, ↑pressure, ↑problem, ↑restriction, ↑shortage, ↑situation, ↑strain, ↑stress, ↑suffering, ↑symptom, ↑tension, ↑transition, ↑workload, ↑worry

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