important, major, significant

A major amendment was introduced into the legislation.

minor, slight, small
draft, proposed

The States Reorganization Act of 1956 and the subsequent amendments in 1960 and 1966

balanced-budget (AmE), budget (esp. AmE)
congressional, federal (both in the US)
Lords, parliamentary (both in the UK)
rebel (BrE)

In total 217 MPs backed the rebel amendment opposing the government.

Fifth Amendment, First Amendment, etc. (= of the US Constitution)

He is simply exercising his First-Amendment rights.

introduce, make

The committee does not adequately consult others when drafting amendments.

move (BrE), offer (AmE), propose, put forward (esp. BrE), suggest, table (BrE)

He moved an amendment limiting capital punishment to certain very serious crimes.


The Senate added numerous amendments to the bill.


She withdrew her amendment and left the meeting.

repeal (esp. AmE)

a call to repeal the 22nd amendment to the Constitution

back, endorse (AmE), support
accept, adopt, approve, pass, ratify, vote for

The Senate accepted the amendment and the bill was eventually passed.

On a free vote, the amendment was carried by 292 votes to 246.

oppose, vote against
defeat, reject
pass (sth) (esp. AmE)

The amendment passed in 2001.

The amendment passed the Senate by unanimous consent.

ban sth, outlaw sth, prohibit sth (all esp. AmE)

a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage

guarantee, protect (both esp. AmE)
without amendment

The new clause was accepted without amendment.

amendment to

an amendment to the Clean Water Act

They have proposed an amendment to the federal constitution.

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