1 place where sth ends
top, upper

the top edge of the picture frame

bottom, lower
inner, inside
outer, outermost, outside
front, rear
left, right

the left edge of the image

northern, southern, etc.
far, near, opposite

She could see rocky cliffs on the opposite edge of the lake.

bevelled/beveled, curved, raised, rounded, scalloped, smooth, straight

the rounded edges of her collarbone

a mirror with a bevelled/beveled edge

cut, frayed

Flip the fabric over so the cut edge is now to your left.

My fingers played with the frayed edges of my jeans.


Erosion has left the house perched on the very edge of the cliff.

cliff, forest, water's

A row of boats was beached at the water's edge.


We had reached the edge of the map and didn't know which way to go.


The road skirts the western edge of the forest.

clutch, grab, grasp, grip

I gripped the edge of my desk to steady myself.


My foot caught the edge of the table.

border, line

Trees lined the edges of the path.

define, mark

A trellis provided shade and defined the edges of the courtyard.


The building forms the northern edge of the courtyard.

sand, seal, trim
along the edge, around the edge, round the edge (esp. BrE)

Smoke was making its way around the edges of the door.

at the edge

Soon we were at the edge of the woods.

on the edge

She sat on the edge of her bed.

over the edge

The car rolled over the edge of the cliff.

right on the edge

They live right on the edge of town.

2 sharp side of sth
razor-sharp, sharp

a knife with a serrated edge

jagged, ragged, rough
3 advantage
big (informal, esp. AmE), decided, decisive, definite

Their training gave them an extra edge.

give sb/sth
gain, have, hold

to gain a competitive edge over rival suppliers

keep, maintain, retain

Taiwan still retained a decisive edge in many industries.

edge over

The intensive training she had done gave her the edge over the other runners.

carefully, cautiously, nervously
backward, forward

The Italian edged ahead to win the race.

ahead of

He drew level and for a moment edged ahead of his rival.


He edged carefully along the narrow ledge.

away from

Heaton began to edge away from Jed and headed for the stairs.


We slowly edged our way towards/toward the exit.

edge your way
Edge is used with these nouns as the object: ↑way

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