1 physical/mental energy needed to do sth

It took a whole day of hard effort to knock down the wall.

constant, sustained

an outfit which enables you to look good with minimal effort

intellectual, mental

the amount of effort required

demand, need, require, take

It takes constant effort to become fluent in a language.

devote, exert, expend, invest, put in

All the team members have put in a great deal of effort.

spare no

No effort has been spared to make this hotel a welcoming, comfortable place.

be worth

The walk is difficult but well worth the effort.

go into

A lot of effort went into making the costumes.

with effort, without effort

This can be done quickly and with very little effort.

a great deal of effort
time and effort

Senior leaders are investing time and effort in studying the issue.

The staff spent considerable time and effort developing a national policy.

2 attempt to do sth
ambitious, big, enormous, great, Herculean, huge, major, massive, remarkable, special, tremendous

I can see you have made a big effort to clean up.

brave, heroic, superhuman, valiant
all-out, concentrated, determined, strenuous, tireless
desperate, frantic

their frantic efforts to put out the fire

final, last, last-ditch

The UN General Secretary flew in in a last-ditch effort to save the talks.

continuing, ongoing, sustained

the continuing effort to find the missing girls


pioneering efforts to restructure the industry

genuine, good-faith (AmE), positive, real, serious, sincere

Districts have not made a good-faith effort to implement public school choice.

feeble, half-hearted

She made a feeble effort to smile, then started crying again.

failed, fruitless, futile, unsuccessful, vain
collaborative, collective, combined, concerted, cooperative, coordinated, joint, team

Students, teachers and families got together in a team effort to decorate the school.

conscious, deliberate

I have to make a conscious effort to be polite so early in the morning.


The museum relies on the voluntary efforts of enthusiasts.


Diplomatic efforts to end the crisis failed.


a grass-roots effort by workers to transform their country

get-out-the-vote (AmE)

The Democratic get-out-the-vote effort placed heavy emphasis on the youth vote.

fund-raising, marketing, outreach (esp. AmE), recruitment
humanitarian, recovery, relief, rescue
anti-terrorism, counterterrorism
clean-up, conservation, rebuilding, reconstruction, restoration
initiate, launch

They launched an AIDS education effort.

mount, undertake

The report outlines the efforts undertaken by the industry.

accelerate, expand, increase, intensify, redouble, renew, step up

The police have renewed their efforts to find the murderer.

channel, concentrate, focus

The police tried to channel their efforts into searching the forest.

redirect, refocus
coordinate, orchestrate, organize
combine, pool

Governments are pooling their efforts to stem international terrorism.


We tried to ensure that efforts were not duplicated.

lead, spearhead

He spearheaded efforts to raise money for the school.


We're targeting our efforts at making our website appealing to younger people.

fail in

He failed in his efforts to give up smoking.


The wound resisted all my efforts to stop it from bleeding.

derail, frustrate, hamper, hinder, impede, sabotage, stymie (informal, esp. AmE), thwart, undermine

Critics said the plan would undermine efforts to address the current crisis.

be rewarded for, reward

Her efforts were rewarded when she won an Oscar.

applaud, praise

The gallery owner applauded the efforts of firefighters to save the exhibits.


We all appreciate your efforts.

oppose, support
come to nothing, fail, fall flat, fall short
pay off, succeed, work
culminate in sth, produce sth, result in sth
be aimed at sth, be targeted at sth, focus on sth

educational efforts targeted at children from ethnic minorities

earn sb sth

Her efforts earned her a Nobel Prize.

in an/your effort

The club has changed the rules in an effort to make them fairer.

through sb's effort

Through their efforts, enough money was raised to buy the equipment.

your best efforts

Despite our best efforts, we didn't manage to win the game.

a reward for your efforts

Second prize was a fair reward for his efforts.

make every effort

We are making every effort to obtain the release of the hostages.

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