clean (esp. AmE), fair, free, open
fraudulent, rigged, stolen

Predicting the result of close elections is a perilous game.


The party won a landslide election.

contested, disputed

They demanded a rerun of the disputed presidential election.


the democratic concept of popular elections

democratic, multiparty, non-partisan
direct, indirect
fresh, new

The prime minister may decide to call an early election.


the scheduled Lebanese elections in May

forthcoming, upcoming (esp. AmE)
primary (in the US), run-off (esp. AmE)
midterm, off-year (AmE)
recall (= an election to remove an elected official from office) (AmE)

The Governor faces an unprecedented recall election.

county, federal, local, municipal, national, nationwide, provincial, regional, state, statewide (AmE)
congressional, council (esp. BrE), general, gubernatorial (AmE), judicial, leadership, legislative, local-government, mayoral, papal, parliamentary, party, presidential, Senate
school board
student council (AmE), student government (AmE), student union (BrE)
conduct, have, hold, run
contest, fight
run for (esp. AmE), stand for (esp. BrE)

a bitterly disputed election

lose, win
sweep (AmE)

The party swept Turkish elections in November.

affect, influence
sway (esp. AmE), swing, tip (esp. AmE)

votes which could swing the entire national election

decide, determine

The people will decide this election and they will prove all the polls wrong.

organize, schedule (esp. AmE)
monitor, oversee, supervise
cancel, delay, postpone

The violence in the country will not derail the elections.

fix, manipulate, rig, steal

claims that voter fraud had stolen the election for the Republicans

take place
be due, be scheduled for

Elections are scheduled for November.

approach, loom
manifesto (esp. BrE), pledge (esp. BrE), promise

Education is a key election issue.

battle, contest

The election turnout in 2008 was high.

ballot, poll
outcome, result, returns (esp. AmE)

A lot hangs on the election result.

All counties have now certified their election returns.

defeat, victory
broadcast (esp. BrE), coverage, news
procedure, process, system
administrator (AmE), commissioner, judge (AmE), monitor, observer, official (AmE), worker
board (esp. AmE), commission
date, day, eve, night, period, season, time, year

It was successful in rallying voters at election time.


The US is reaching the end of its latest presidential election cycle.

at a/the election, in a/the election

in the 2001 general election

by election

Membership of the committee is by election.

election to

her election to the Senate

the outcome of an election
the run-up to an election

opinion poll results in the run-up to elections

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