1 feeling of being embarrassed
acute, considerable, great
total, utter

She smiled to hide her slight embarrassment.


The agreement was made in secret to avoid public embarrassment.


I felt some embarrassment as we shook hands.


He suffered great personal embarrassment after failing the tests.

cover, hide

Pender decided to risk embarrassment and seek help.

avoid, prevent

The government wishes to avoid further embarrassment over the affair.

blush with, flush with, squirm with (esp. BrE)

I still squirm with embarrassment at the thought of it.

die from, die of (figurative)

I could have died of embarrassment when I saw her standing behind me.

ease, relieve
save sb, spare sb

Helen changed the subject to save me the embarrassment of replying.

in embarrassment

We all watched in silent embarrassment as Mr Rogers started to cry.

with embarrassment, without embarrassment

I could finally talk about my problem without embarrassment.

embarrassment at

her embarrassment at being found out

embarrassment over

the government's embarrassment over the affair

(much) to sb's embarrassment

Much to his embarrassment, Mike realized that a small crowd was watching him.

feelings of embarrassment
a flush of embarrassment

A flush of embarrassment came to her cheeks.

a source of embarrassment
2 sb/sth that makes you embarrassed
great, huge, major, serious, severe (esp. BrE)
financial, political, social

The president became a national embarrassment.

be, become, prove

The protests were becoming something of an embarrassment to the government.

consider sb/sth
embarrassment for

The episode was a huge embarrassment for all concerned.

embarrassment to

The poor child was considered an embarrassment to his family.

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