1 part of a vehicle that produces power
big, powerful
twin engines

a large plane with twin engines

2-litre/2-liter, 1200 cc, 20-valve, four-cylinder, two-stroke, etc.
300-hp (esp. AmE), 200-bhp (= brake horsepower) (BrE), etc.

a 580-horsepower engine

diesel, gas (AmE), gasoline (AmE), petrol (BrE)
internal-combustion, jet, outboard, piston, turbine, turbo, turbocharged
aircraft, airplane (AmE), rocket
crank, crank up, fire, ignite, start, switch on, turn on

The rocket engine is ignited.

cut (informal), kill (informal), shut down, shut off, switch off, turn off

He pulled up under some trees and cut the engine.

gun (AmE), rev, rev up, run

She sat at the traffic lights revving the engine.


Its engine is powered by both gasoline and electricity.

repair, service, tune
fit (sth with), install

The new model is fitted with a more powerful engine.


She waited with the engine running while he bought a paper.

The engine runs on diesel.

idle, tick over (BrE)

I kept the engine ticking over.


I pressed the starter and the engine caught first time.

fire, fire up, start

The engine's firing on all four cylinders now.

shut down, shut off, stop
break down, die, fail, quit (AmE), seize (AmE), seize up, stall
cough, splutter

The engine coughed and died.

roar, scream

The plane's engine roared as it prepared for take-off.

hum, purr
race, rev, rev up

He heard a car engine racing behind him.

capacity, power, speed
compartment, room

the ship's engine room

component, part
failure, problems, trouble

It looks as if we've got some engine trouble.

builder, maker, manufacturer

The engine plant was the first one to be built.

in an/the engine

You need more oil in the engine.

be powered by a … engine

This model is powered by a diesel engine.

the noise, roar, sound, etc. of the engine
2 vehicle that pulls a train
large, powerful
diesel, electric, steam
railroad (AmE), railway (BrE)
driver (esp. BrE)
shed (BrE)

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