egregious (esp. AmE), fundamental, glaring, grave, great, grievous, major, serious

The report contained some glaring errors.


He made the fatal error of borrowing more than he could pay back.

minor, small
embarrassing, unfortunate

The ability to learn from past errors is vital in business.

grammar (esp. AmE), grammatical, spelling, typing, typographical
experimental, statistical
standard (statistics)
random, systematic
measurement (esp. AmE), sampling

His research interests include measurement error in survey research.

rounding (esp. AmE)

The difference is due to a rounding error in the first calculation.

unforced (sports)

The American produced five double faults and 35 unforced errors.


The Kenyan athlete made a tactical error in starting too fast.

administrative, clerical, medical
human, pilot

The plane crash was caused by human error, not mechanical failure.

commit, make

He had committed a grave error in letting them see the document.

She made several serious errors during the race.


errors caused by illegibly written orders


The document contained a lot of typing errors.


An editorial error was introduced into the copy.

catch (esp. AmE), detect, discover, find, identify, spot

Thank you for catching that silly error on my part.

I found several factual errors in the report.

point out

The error was pointed out to her by one of her colleagues.

realize, recognize

I only realized my error when it was too late.

acknowledge, admit

Have the courage to admit your error.


She has avoided the common error of writing too much.


Do not repeat the errors of your parents and grandparents.

correct, eliminate, fix (esp. AmE), rectify

Glasses can correct most errors in your vision.

minimize (esp. AmE), reduce

the use of computer systems to reduce hospital errors

regret (esp. AmE)

We regret the clerical error made in the letter sent to Mr Finlay.


The paper accidentally printed the victim's address, then compounded their error by printing her name the next day.

arise (from sth), occur, result (from sth)

errors arising from inadequate information


An error message comes up when I try to open the program.


machines with relatively high error rates

in error (= by mistake)

The machine had been switched off in error.

error in

He checked his letter for errors in spelling.

He realized his error in not attending the funeral.

a comedy of errors

His attempts to arrange a party ended up as a comedy of errors.

an error in judgement/judgment (esp. AmE), an error of judgement/judgment (esp. BrE)

The president had made an amazing error of judgement.

an error of fact

The speech contained many errors of fact.

a margin of error

The margin of error for a racing driver is tiny.

the error of one's ways

Will they realize the error of their ways before it is too late?

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