1 sth that happens
big, great, important, major, significant
historic, key, landmark, life-changing, momentous, pivotal, seminal, watershed (esp. AmE)

Tonight's show looks back at the key events of the year.

dramatic, remarkable
cataclysmic, catastrophic, sad, stressful, tragic, traumatic

Outside big cities, murder is a rare event.

current, recent

in-depth articles related to current events

recent events in Saudi Arabia


our inability to forecast future events


Subsequent events proved him wrong.

historical, political

When the ship finally reached land, only a few of the crew were left to witness the event.


We had a huge party, and hired a photographer to record the event.

describe, recount, relate

Carter related the events of the past hour to him.

recall, remember

She tried to recall the events of the previous night.

celebrate, commemorate, mark

Today is the hospital's fiftieth anniversary, and there will be a party to mark the event.

happen, occur, take place, unfold

TV viewers watched in horror as events unfolded.

lead to sth

These events quickly led to confusion.

lead up to sth

The police are trying to establish a picture of events leading up to the killing.

a chain of events, a sequence of events, a series of events
the course of events

Would it have been possible to change the course of events?

in any event

I think the economy will recover in any event.

in the event

In the event though, the dinner was a very entertaining affair.

in the event of sth, in the event that … 

In the unlikely event of a crash, please remain calm.

2 planned social occasion
big, important, landmark, main, major, special

Their 1981 production was a landmark event.


The Birmingham meeting is one of the most prestigious events in the racing calendar.

international, national

a new international art event

annual, regular

They host frequent charity events in their home.


a special opening-night gala event

forthcoming (esp. BrE), upcoming (esp. AmE)

Forthcoming events are listed on the back page of the local newspaper.

fund-raising, musical, social, sporting
black-tie, formal

a black-tie event at the Waldorf Astoria

hold, organize, stage

The event will be held in the grounds of the house.


We hosted a charitable event for a local organization.

plan, schedule

Forty such events are scheduled this year.

attend, support

I would like to thank everyone who attended our charity evening for supporting the event.


They sponsored various community events.


Several leading players boycotted the event in protest.

take place
3 race/competition
big, main

This race will be the main event of the afternoon.

international, national

Local winners compete in a national event in September.

individual, team
men's, women's
field, track
distance, long-distance, middle-distance, sprint
backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle (all in swimming)
one-day, two-day, etc.
enter, enter for, take part in

A record number of teams have entered the event.


The Association hosted a special three-day sailing event.

take place

The team events will take place later this week.

in an/the event

African runners swept the medals in the distance events.

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