1 (formal) formal test ⇨ See also ↑exam
certification (AmE), entrance

He has just completed his final examinations at São Paulo University.

school (esp. BrE)

Entrance was by competitive examination.

external (esp. BrE), public

One of the teacher's principal duties is to prepare students for external examinations.

A level, GCSE (in the UK)
multiple-choice, oral, practical, written
prepare for, study for
do (BrE), sit (BrE), sit for (AmE), take

She will take her examinations later this year.

fail, pass

The examinations are set by individual teachers.

paper, question (both esp. BrE)

He was marking school examination papers during the summer vacation. (BrE)

results (esp. BrE), scores (esp. AmE)
hall, room
process, system

the faults in the examination system

board (BrE)
examination in

He failed his examination in history.

examination on

an examination on human anatomy

2 looking at sth carefully
careful, close, complete, comprehensive, detailed, full, in-depth, lengthy, rigorous, systematic, thorough

Each of the proposals deserves careful examination.

brief, cursory, superficial
initial, preliminary

Most of them don't really bear further examination.


The school curriculum has undergone critical examination in recent years.


a microscopic examination of the cell structure

clinical, forensic, medical, physical, post-mortem, psychiatric, scientific
breast, oral, pelvic, rectal, etc.
ultrasound, X-ray, etc.
annual, follow-up (esp. AmE), periodic, routine

a periodic health examination

a routine breast examination

intimate (BrE)

genital checks and other intimate examinations


A visual examination corroborated this.

carry out, conduct, do, make, perform, undertake

He carried out a post-mortem examination.

We will make a more thorough examination of the area later.

come under, be subjected to, be subject to, have, undergo

I was advised to have a full eyesight examination.


This argument requires examination from several angles.

allow, permit

Constraints of space do not permit a thorough examination of all of these points.

deserve, warrant

These figures warrant closer examination.

stand up to

His ideas do not stand up to close examination.

confirm sth, demonstrate sth, reveal sth, show sth

A medical examination showed no signs of hypertension.

indicate sth, suggest sth
couch (BrE), table

Patients were asked to lie on the examination table.

She lay on the examination couch and waited for the doctor to return.

room (esp. AmE)

They rushed her into the examination room.

on examination

On closer examination the wood was found to be rotten.

under examination

Several items of clothing are still under examination.

examination on

We did examinations on the bodies.

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