1 sth that is typical/demonstrates a point
characteristic, classic, prime, quintessential, stellar (AmE), supreme, textbook, typical, ultimate

This is a classic example of a badly designed building.

excellent, fine, good, great, impressive, magnificent, outstanding, perfect, stunning, superb, wonderful

a magnificent example of 18th-century architecture

fascinating, interesting, intriguing
notable, prominent, remarkable, striking, telling

a telling example of how difficult it can be to succeed in business


This is far from an isolated example.

graphic, vivid
dramatic, extreme, spectacular
clear, obvious, simple, straightforward
blatant, flagrant, glaring

His treatment of his secretary was a blatant example of managerial arrogance.

egregious (AmE), worst

the most egregious example of his mishandling of the situation

This is among the worst examples of corporate greed.


This film is a poor example of the genre.

familiar, famous, well-known
illustrative, representative
helpful, illuminating, instructive, salient, useful

The book is full of practical examples of classroom activities.

concrete, particular, specific

Let me give a concrete example of what I mean.

real-life, real-world

a book filled with real-life examples that anyone can relate to

contemporary, historical

He uses a number of historical examples to support his thesis.

give sb, offer, provide (sb with)

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean.

contain, illustrate, include, present, represent, show

The leaflet includes several examples of bad grammar.

Twenty-seven examples are presented in this video.

the example shown in Figure 2

cite, draw, take (sth as)

She illustrates her point with examples drawn from contemporary newspaper accounts.

To take an obvious example, if there is a good harvest the price of grain will fall.


Fisher used a hypothetical example to illustrate his point.


Consider the following example … 


We've seen other examples of this same problem recently.

demonstrate sth, highlight sth, illustrate sth, show sth
indicate sth, suggest sth

These examples suggest that there is a connection between the two processes.

for example

An athlete, for example, might turn the pedals 80 times a minute.

in an/the example

The teacher in our example is clearly wrong.

example of

We can still find examples of discrimination today.

2 person thought to be a good model
good, great, inspiring, shining, sterling (esp. AmE)

She is a shining example of how to organize your time.

bad, poor
set, show

You must set a good example to the children.


I think all schools should follow the example of this one.

hold sb/sth up as

The film was held up as an example of good cinema.

be inspired by

I was inspired by the example of the athletes who trained so hard.

by example

Children learn by example.

example to

His generosity is an example to us all.

make an example of sb

The teacher made an example of him by suspending him from school.

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