appear, be, look, prove, remain, seem, sound
consider sth

The school is considered excellent.

most, really, truly
absolutely, quite

The meals are generally excellent.

consistently, uniformly

The performances and recordings are uniformly excellent.


In an otherwise excellent issue, I found Creed's article very unconvincing.


Clancey was excellent at keeping the kids under control.


These potatoes are excellent for baking.

Excellent is used with these nouns: ↑accommodation, ↑acting, ↑advice, ↑amenity, ↑article, ↑balance, ↑bargain, ↑base, ↑book, ↑buffet, ↑camouflage, ↑candidate, ↑cast, ↑champagne, ↑chance, ↑character, ↑chef, ↑choice, ↑coffee, ↑collection, ↑command, ↑condition, ↑conductor, ↑cook, ↑coordination, ↑credentials, ↑crop, ↑cuisine, ↑dancer, ↑description, ↑design, ↑dinner, ↑display, ↑doctor, ↑education, ↑example, ↑excuse, ↑eyesight, ↑facility, ↑fit, ↑food, ↑foundation, ↑fun, ↑goal, ↑goalkeeper, ↑GP, ↑grade, ↑guide, ↑health, ↑hearing, ↑hotel, ↑idea, ↑illustration, ↑impression, ↑ingredient, ↑instinct, ↑introduction, ↑investment, ↑job, ↑lawyer, ↑library, ↑match, ↑meal, ↑memory, ↑model, ↑mother, ↑museum, ↑musician, ↑news, ↑opportunity, ↑package, ↑performance, ↑photograph, ↑piece, ↑play, ↑player, ↑point, ↑presentation, ↑progress, ↑prospect, ↑pub, ↑quality, ↑range, ↑rate, ↑record, ↑recording, ↑recovery, ↑reference, ↑report, ↑reproduction, ↑reputation, ↑resource, ↑restaurant, ↑result, ↑return, ↑review, ↑run, ↑save, ↑score, ↑selection, ↑service, ↑shape, ↑shop, ↑shot, ↑source, ↑speech, ↑start, ↑starting point, ↑subject, ↑suggestion, ↑summary, ↑taste, ↑teacher, ↑training, ↑try, ↑tutorial, ↑value, ↑vehicle, ↑visibility, ↑vision, ↑weather, ↑win, ↑wine, ↑work

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