big, great, important, main, major

the one great exception to that

clear, conspicuous, glaring, notable, noteworthy (esp. AmE), noticeable, obvious, significant, striking

Most industries have suffered badly in the recession, but there have been a few notable exceptions.

minor, rare
lone (esp. AmE), only, single, sole

My family grew closer over the years. The only exception was my aunt.

all American presidents, with the sole exception of Carter


There are occasional exceptions to my generalization.

limited, partial

all of them – with the partial exception of Ireland

certain, specific

There should be specific exceptions written into the plan.


We are making a special exception for Emma because of her condition.


With the possible exception of the US, no other nation experienced a more severe depression.


There was an interesting exception to this general pattern.

honourable/honorable (esp. BrE)

With a few honourable/honorable exceptions, politicians kept quiet about the corruption.


No parking is allowed, but an exception is made for disabled drivers.

carve, carve out (both AmE)

The reform bill carves out several specific exceptions for treatment of health expenses.

allow, grant

She asked the state Supreme Court to grant an exception.


Such initiatives remain the exception, rather than the rule.


They represent an exception to the rule.

with the exception of

The whole of the island was flooded with the exception of a small area in the north.

without exception

Without exception, all employees must carry their identity card with them at all times.

exception to

Guide dogs are the one exception to the store's ban on dogs.

be no exception

The weather had been rainy for days, and the day of the race was no exception.

be the exception rather than the rule

Nowadays a job for life is very much the exception rather than the rule.

the exception to the rule

Most of his family are sports enthusiasts, but he's the exception to the rule.

with a few exceptions

With a few exceptions, the songwriting is very good.

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