considerable, extreme, great, high, intense, tremendous
breathless, feverish, giddy (esp. AmE), heady, wild
genuine, pure, real, sheer

For sheer excitement, white-water rafting is hard to beat.

growing, heightened, mounting
added, further

I step lightly, with childlike excitement.

intellectual, physical, political, sexual
buzz, flurry, flush, frisson (esp. BrE), ripple, rush, surge

She felt a surge of excitement when she heard the song.

be bubbling with, be filled with, be flushed with, be giddy with, be tingling with, be trembling with, feel

She was filled with excitement and apprehension.

Her face was flushed with excitement.

cause, create, generate

The news caused tremendous excitement among scientists.


My visits always brought great excitement to my family.

conceal, contain, control, hide, suppress

He couldn't suppress the excitement in his voice.


The element of risk just adds excitement.

build up, grow, mount, rise

The tension and excitement built up gradually all day.

bubble, bubble up

Excitement was bubbling up inside her.

course through sb/sth, run through sb/sth

She could feel the excitement coursing through her veins.

fill sb/sth

Both fear and excitement filled her mind.

die down, wear off
in excitement

She clapped her hands in excitement.

with excitement

You'll jump up from your seat with excitement.

excitement among

The news has caused great excitement among scientists.

excitement at

her excitement at the prospect of a new job

excitement of

the excitement of meeting new people

an air of excitement

There was an air of excitement about the place.

a feeling of excitement, a sense of excitement
a state of excitement
a lack of excitement

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