complete, pure, sheer, total, utter
emotional, mental, nervous, physical
suffer from

She was taken to the hospital suffering from exhaustion.


Never had she felt such utter exhaustion.

be close to, be near to, near

He was hollow-eyed and seemed very close to exhaustion.

The rowers were nearing exhaustion.

be overcome by, be overcome with, collapse from, collapse with, drop from (esp. AmE)

Two of the horses collapsed with exhaustion.

drive sb to, lead to

Don't work too hard and drive yourself to exhaustion.

be dead from, be dead with
die from, die of
in exhaustion

He fell silent, with his head bowed in exhaustion.

with exhaustion

She was faint with exhaustion.

at the point of exhaustion, to the point of exhaustion

driven to the point of complete exhaustion

a state of exhaustion
a wave of exhaustion

Suddenly a wave of exhaustion hit him.

on the brink of exhaustion, to the brink of exhaustion

They have been pushed to the brink of exhaustion.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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