big, considerable, enormous, great, huge, major, massive, significant, substantial, vast

The company was now set for major expansion.

dramatic, marked, remarkable, unprecedented

an unprecedented expansion in linguistic studies at universities

continuing, further, ongoing
continued, steady, sustained

This is land being held for future expansion.

million-dollar, 5 million-dollar, etc.

an $80 million expansion of its Madras factory

eastward, westward, etc.
global, international, overseas, worldwide

The board decided to embark on aggressive overseas expansion.

planned, proposed
reckless, uncontrolled
business, commercial, corporate (esp. AmE)
economic, industrial, market

This will slow the rate of monetary expansion.

capitalist, imperialist
colonial, imperial, territorial

an unprecedented military expansion around the globe

geographic (esp. AmE), geographical

the geographical expansion of industry in the late 19th century

airport, prison (esp. AmE), etc.

the largest prison expansion in American history


The economy is still showing healthy expansion.

experience, undergo

The museum is undergoing a major expansion.

accommodate, allow, allow for, permit, provide for

The design of the front pockets allows for expansion.

be set for (esp. BrE)

The company is set for further expansion into niche areas.

call for

She proposed a modest expansion of unemployment benefits.


They are planning a major expansion in research and development.

approve, favour/favor

The executive board has approved this expansion.

encourage, facilitate, promote, support
drive, fuel

Foreign investment fuelled/fueled this expansion.

limit, restrict
slow, slow down

He opposed expansion of the army and navy.

block, halt, stop
embark on
finance, fund

In order to finance expansion on this scale, the government has relied heavily on borrowing.

occur, take place
plan, programme/program
expansion into

expansion into the luxury car market

expansion in

a great age of expansion in trade and science

expansion to

Russian expansion to the East and South

a period of expansion

a period of rapid economic expansion

the rate of expansion

The rate of expansion of our overseas trade has been spectacular.

potential, room, scope, etc. for expansion

The company believes there is scope for expansion in this sector.

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