noun (usually expectations)
big, great, high, lofty (esp. AmE)

I have modest expectations about what my research can accomplish.


Many children start with low expectations.

growing, rising
heightened, increased, raised

Heightened expectations for educational progress had not been realized.

diminished, lowered
optimistic, positive
negative, pessimistic

It doesn't conform to people's normal expectations of what a zoo is.

clear, confident
legitimate (law), rational, realistic, reasonable
false, inflated, naive, unrealistic, unreasonable
disappointed, unfulfilled, unmet (esp. AmE)

Low growth is likely to bring unfulfilled expectations.


This realization of our dreams surpassed even our wildest expectations.

initial, original

They've found success far beyond their initial expectations.


This result is contrary to our prior expectations.

common, general, widespread

There is still a general expectation that married couples will have children.

popular, public
conventional, traditional
family, parental
cultural, social, societal (esp. AmE)
gender (esp. AmE)

Religion reinforces traditional gender expectations to varying extents.

consumer, customer
economic, financial, inflation, inflationary
career, life
have, hold

You have unrealistic expectations.

differences in the expectations held by different social groups

establish, form

the way in which expectations are formed


These high expectations are based on the fast pace of technological developments.

arouse, build, build up, create, generate, raise, set, set up

the high expectations aroused by civil rights legislation

change, revise

Users have changed their expectations of library services.

lower, reduce, temper (esp. AmE)

Her approach sought to lower people's expectations.


Here are some tips to help you manage your expectations for yourself.

influence, shape
come up to (esp. BrE), confirm, conform to, fit (esp. AmE), fit in with (esp. AmE), fulfil/fulfill, live up to, match, meet, reach, realize, satisfy

Her new car has not lived up to her expectations.

beat, exceed, go beyond, surpass
disappoint, fall short of

The reality of the cruise fell short of our expectations.

confound, contradict (esp. AmE), defy, violate (esp. AmE)

The rise in share price confounded expectations.

She has defied all expectations with her career.

grow, rise

In later years his expectations changed.

above expectation

Sales came in above expectations this week.

against expectation

Against all expectations, she was enjoying herself.

contrary to expectation

The building work was completed on time, contrary to expectation.

below expectation

What should you do when an employee's performance is below expectation?

beyond expectation

The course has produced results way beyond expectation.

He had been successful beyond his expectations.

in the expectation of, in the expectation that

They bought real estate in the expectation of a rise in prices.

expectation about

the government's expectations about the economy

expectation for

We have high expectations for her future.

expectation of

We certainly had a reasonable expectation of success.

expectation regarding, expectation with regard to

She has high expectations regarding the deal.

expectation surrounding

the tensions and expectations surrounding the show

have every expectation

I have every expectation of cheering the team on to victory in the final.

in line with expectations

Profits are broadly in line with expectations.

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