bitter, deep, fierce, great, intense, seething
genuine, real
growing, mounting, rising

mounting anger among teachers and parents


Catherine appeared in the doorway, shaking with righteous anger.

controlled, pent-up, suppressed
popular, public
widespread (esp. BrE)
burst, fit, flash, outburst

He slammed the door in a fit of anger.

She felt a brief flash of anger.

be filled with, feel, seethe with, shake with, tremble with

His eyes were filled with anger.

She was trembling with anger.

express, release, show, vent, voice

Children express their anger in various ways.

channel, direct

He tried to channel his anger into political activism.

Much of the public's anger was directed at the government.

control, hide, suppress

It is not healthy to suppress your anger.

arouse, cause, fuel, provoke, stir up

His words only served to fuel her anger.

change to, give way to, turn into, turn to

His joy soon turned to anger when he heard the full story.

boil over, boil up, bubble up, build up, flare, flare up, grow, mount, rise, well up

Hank stood up, his anger rising.

abate, drain, evaporate, fade, subside

The anger drained from his face.

Her anger subsided as quickly as it had flared up.


You could probably benefit from anger management classes.

in anger

He raised his voice in anger.

with anger

His face was flushed with anger.

anger against

her feelings of anger against the murderer

anger at

I felt a sudden anger at his suggestion.

anger over

There is much anger over plans to close the hospital.

anger towards/toward

her anger towards/toward her parents

a feeling of anger
in a moment of anger

He had walked out in a moment of anger.

deeply, greatly

I was deeply angered by their lack of concern.


He is not easily angered.

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