1 cost/money spent on sth
considerable, enormous, great, huge, significant, vast
added, additional, extra
annual, monthly

Your monthly housing expense should not be greater than 28% of your income.

unexpected, unforeseen

The bridge was built at public expense.

go to, incur

They went to all the expense of redecorating the house and then they moved.

involve, put sb to (esp. BrE)

Their visit put us to a lot of expense.

bear, cover, meet

She had to meet the expense herself.

spare no

No expense was spared (= they spent as much money as was needed) to make the party a success.

avoid, save

Save the expense of calling out a plumber by learning some of the basics yourself.

cut, minimize (esp. AmE), reduce

You can reduce your expenses by selling your old car at a good price.

be worth

The results are well worth the expense.


a claim large enough to justify the expense of insurance policy premiums


My expenses are constantly rising and my income stays the same.

at sb/sth's expense

They had to repair the damage at their own expense.

He built up the business at the expense of his health.

at … expense

The house was transformed at great expense.

The package includes admission to the park at no extra expense.

at taxpayer expense (AmE), at taxpayers' expense, at the taxpayer's expense

It emerged that they had received free first-class travel at the taxpayer's expense.

2 sth that makes you spend money
big, considerable, major, significant

Relocated employees received grants towards/toward incidental expenses like buying carpets.


Insurance is an ongoing expense.

business, management

Meetings, and the time for them, are a considerable management expense.


The process turned out to be a significant capital expense.

depreciation, interest (both esp. AmE)

Net interest expense increased to $5.9 million from $4.1 million.

3 expenses money spent for a particular purpose
high, low

Medical expenses can be quite high if you are not insured.

Look for a fund with low expenses.

allowable, eligible (esp. AmE), legitimate, reasonable

You can claim back the tax on legitimate business expenses.

deductible, tax-deductible

Start keeping track of deductible expenses such as charitable contributions.


The guides are unpaid except for basic expenses.


your ongoing expenses such as your employees' salaries

out-of-pocket (= paid for by an employee, to be claimed back later from the employer)

Any out-of-pocket expenses incurred on the firm's business will be reimbursed.


Total employee expenses were up about 6%.

administrative, maintenance, operating, operational, overhead (all esp. AmE)
business, work-related
marketing (esp. AmE)
travel, travelling/traveling (esp. BrE)
moving (esp. AmE), relocation, removal (BrE)
childcare, college, educational (esp. AmE), health-care, legal, medical
cover, defray, meet, offset, pay, reimburse

He was given a sum of money to cover his travel expenses.

claim, claim back (BrE), claim for

They are claiming expenses for travel and meals.


We will recoup our expenses within 24 months.


You will have to pay income tax on the rent you receive, although you can deduct expenses such as insurance.

cut, lower (esp. AmE), minimize (esp. AmE), reduce

in an effort to reduce expenses and boost profits

arise from sth, arise out of sth (both esp. BrE)

You can expect to receive compensation for all expenses arising out of the accident.

increase, rise

Operating expenses rose by more than 23% last year.

expense account

Put the cost of the meal on your expense account.

expenses claim (esp. BrE), expense report (AmE)
expense reimbursement (AmE)

You will receive expense reimbursement for up to $5 000 for legal representation.

on expenses (BrE)

I think we deserve a night out on expenses.

all expenses paid

a two-day, all-expenses-paid trip to New York City

spare no expense

When it came to the wedding, no expense was spared (= a lot of money was spent).

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