considerable, extensive, great
appropriate, relevant

Each area of the curriculum should be led by a staff member with appropriate expertise.


An outsider will lack the necessary expertise to run the company.

particular, special, specialist (esp. BrE), specific

areas of special expertise

collective, combined

They met regularly to develop their collective expertise.

in-house, local, outside

We sometimes have to call on outside expertise.

academic, business, clinical, engineering, financial, legal, management, managerial, marketing, medical, professional, scientific, technical, technological
degree, level

A high degree of expertise is required for this work.


She has great expertise in these matters.

need, require
acquire, develop, gain
build on

This project builds on the existing expertise of our staff.

lend, provide

Professor Simpson provided expertise in engineering.

apply, bring, bring to bear, use

How could he apply his academic expertise to practical matters?

He will bring a great deal of expertise to bear on this issue.

bring together, call on, draw on

The project brings together expertise in teaching and library provision.

We need to draw on the professional expertise of a large number of teachers.

rely on
offer, pass on (esp. BrE), share

The teachers would be available to share expertise and offer advice.

be available

We need to discover what relevant expertise is available to us.

expertise in

I have gained expertise in specialist financial areas.

expertise on

She brings expertise on general financial and technical matters.

an area of expertise, a field of expertise
a range of expertise

The variety of technology requires a wide range of expertise.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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