1 money paid to travel by bus, taxi, etc.
expensive, high
cheap, low
adult (esp. BrE), full, normal, standard (BrE)
child's (esp. BrE), concessionary (BrE), discounted, half (esp. BrE), reduced
last-minute, sale, walk-up (all AmE)
one-way (esp. AmE), single (BrE)
return (BrE), round-trip (AmE)
first-class, second-class
coach (= cheapest seats on a plane) (AmE)
air, bus, cab, coach (= bus) (BrE), ferry (esp. BrE), rail (esp. BrE), subway (AmE), taxi, train, tube (BrE)

I'm afraid you will have to pay the full fare.


Buses charged a standard fare of about 20 pence per mile.

increase, put up (BrE), raise
cut, lower, reduce, slash

air fares slashed by a massive 30%

introduce, offer

The airline has introduced a cheap fare to New York.

dodge (BrE)

They caught him trying to dodge bus fares.

cost (sb) sth

The fare will cost you less if you travel midweek.

start at sth, start from sth

Last-minute fares start at $219 each way.

range from sth to sth

Round-trip fares range from $118 to $258.

go up, increase, rise
hike (esp. AmE), increase, rise (BrE)

a simplified fare structure

at … fare

Children travel at half fare. (esp. BrE)

an increase in fares, a rise in fares (esp. BrE)
a reduction in fares

The company promised reductions in fares.

2 passenger in a taxi
pick up

The taxi driver picked up a fare outside the opera house.

3 food; material for listening to, reading, etc.
gourmet, rich
plain, simple
hearty, light (esp. AmE)
healthy, wholesome (esp. BrE)
English, Italian, Mexican, etc.
average, daily, normal, regular (esp. AmE), standard, staple, traditional, typical, usual

Trials involving celebrities are the daily fare of newspapers.

The band's music was standard rock fare.


This movie is perfect family fare.

television, TV
offer, serve

a restaurant serving traditional Scottish fare


tourists seeing the sights and sampling the local Mexican fare

badly, poorly, well

She should fare better in this competition.

This movie fared poorly at the British box office.

He fared well against his main rival.

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