deep, great
particular, peculiar, special

These two artists share a certain fascination with the female body.

continuing, endless, enduring, lifelong, long-standing, ongoing, perennial

our current fascination with nationalism


I watched in horrified fascination.

morbid, strange, unhealthy

a morbid fascination with death


the public fascination with crime

have, hold

The sea holds a fascination for all children.

develop, feel, find, have

He had a deep fascination with all types of train.


These exotic plants exert a fascination all of their own.


She shared his fascination for motorcycles.

in fascination, with fascination

She watched in fascination as the cat pounced on the mouse.

He looked on in horrified fascination as the ship drew nearer to the rocks.

fascination for

She developed a fascination for these creatures.

fascination in

He found great fascination in her quiet, frank manner.

fascination with

a lifelong fascination with music

part of the fascination

Seeing over a thousand species of fish is part of the fascination of the reef.

a source of fascination for sb, a source of fascination to sb

His letters have been a source of fascination to a wide audience.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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