1 style of dressing, etc. popular at a particular time
contemporary, current, latest, modern, new
changing, passing

changing fashions in education

This theory, though recent, is more than a passing fashion.


The store sells everything from casual clothes to high fashion.


classic fashions for your wardrobe


the influence of Italian designer fashion on the industry


the popular fashions of the day

autumn (esp. BrE), fall (AmE), spring, summer, winter

The new summer fashions have arrived.

French, Italian

a passion for French fashions and goods

female, male, street, youth
architectural, cultural, intellectual, literary
be, be in

She wore a wig, as was the fashion of the day.

Black is always in fashion.

become, come into

Pessimism has become the fashion.

When did flares first come into fashion?

fall out of, go out of

Careful spending has gone out of fashion in our consumer society.

be out of
come back into
be back in
set, start

He set a fashion for large hats.

follow, keep up with

I've given up trying to keep up with the latest fashions.


She always wore the latest fashions.


She loves fashion and make-up.


The book traces how fashions have changed over the years.


Flares were a fashion statement of the seventies.


the latest fashion trend


She started her career as a fashion model.


photographers at fashion shoots

plate (esp. AmE), spread

She looked like a fashion plate.

a magazine fashion spread


fresh interest in the New York fashion scene


Paris, the world's fashion capital

runway (AmE)

the fashion runways of Italy and France

business, industry, market, trade, world

Her summer collection took the fashion world by storm.

brand, company, house, label, line

one of the most successful fashion houses in Milan

I've started my own fashion line.

retailer, shop (BrE), store
design, photography
designer, director, editor, photographer, stylist, writer
consultant, expert, guru, maven (AmE)

the world's top fashion experts


She was respected as a fashion icon.


She had no fashion sense whatsoever.

advice, tip

I need your expert fashion advice.

accessory, item

this season's must-have accessories that no fashion victim will be seen without


What were your worst fashion disasters?

police (humorous)

Somebody call the fashion police, please!

after the fashion of

She spoke in French after (= copying) the fashion of the court.

fashion for

the fashion for long dresses

fashion in

Fashions in art come and go.

changes in fashion
the fashion of the day
the height of fashion

The palazzo represents the height of architectural fashion for the mid-17th century.

the world of fashion

household names in the world of fashion and design

2 way you do sth
true … 

He insisted the meeting be held, in true spy novel fashion, in the open air.

normal, standard, usual

Application for the course can be made in the normal fashion.

conventional, time-honoured/time-honored, traditional

They celebrated their win in traditional fashion by spraying champagne everywhere.


Address me in a proper fashion.

characteristic, classic, typical

He delivered his speech in classic fashion.

We had just gone out when, in typical fashion, the rain came down.

identical, same, similar

Each chapter is structured in a similar fashion.


Light and sound are recorded in such different fashions.


He has a small vocabulary and is only able to express himself in a limited fashion.

negative, positive

when people confront you in a negative fashion

no uncertain (esp. BrE)

Karpov struck back in no uncertain fashion to win the seventh game.

best (often ironic), exemplary, fine, impressive

‘Like hell they are!’ he replies in best John Wayne fashion.

She has corrected that oversight in fine fashion.

coherent, consistent, controlled, orderly, organized, regular, systematic

We need to tackle this problem in a coordinated fashion.

ad hoc, desultory, haphazard, piecemeal, random, roundabout
direct, honest, straightforward

He asked questions in a direct fashion


She writes in a serious fashion about the future


They act in a purposeful and deliberate fashion.

leisurely, relaxed

She was strolling in a leisurely fashion in the opposite direction.

logical, predictable

She laid out her argument in a convincing fashion.

circular, linear

The story moves in circular fashion.

Costs and revenues are assumed to behave in a linear fashion.


I strive to get my work done in a timely fashion.

dramatic, spectacular

slowly descending the stairs in a grand fashion

bizarre, curious, odd, peculiar, strange

He presents it in an entertaining fashion.

act in, behave in
proceed in

Please proceed in an orderly fashion to the promenade deck.

The convention proceeded in the normal fashion.

after a fashion

So they became friends, after a fashion (= to some extent).

in a fashion

Why are they behaving in such a ridiculous fashion?

The troops embarked in an orderly fashion.

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