1 substance directly under your skin
excess, extra, stored

Are you carrying extra fat around your middle?

baby (AmE), puppy (BrE)

He had lost all his baby fat/puppy fat.

gain, put on

If you eat too much you will put on fat.

go to, run to

She was middle-aged and running to fat.

burn, burn off, lose, shed

Exercise helps you burn off excess fat.


the amount of fat stored in the body

break down

Claims that anti-cellulite creams can break down fat are controversial.


The waistline is usually the first area where fat accumulates.

not an ounce of fat

His body was all muscle, with not an ounce of fat.

a roll of fat

He had great rolls of fat around his middle.

2 in your diet/used in cooking
added, excess, extra

a reduced-fat diet


Eat a diet low in total fat.

healthful (AmE), healthy, unhealthy

the best wholefood sources of healthy fats

Cut down drastically on unhealthy fats.

animal, vegetable
hydrogenated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, saturated, trans, unsaturated

margarines that contain polyunsaturated fats

bacon, beef, duck, pork, etc.

rendered bacon fat


Put the chicken in hot fat and braise thoroughly.

contain, have

This cheese has a lot of fat in it.

be high in fat, be low in fat

Ice cream is high in fat and sugar.

consume, eat

The amount of fat you eat can affect the health of your heart.

cut down on, reduce

It's easy to cut down on fat without changing your diet too much.

Reduce saturated fats in your diet.

avoid, cut out, eliminate

Avoid excess saturated fats as found in meat, poultry, and eggs.

She has cut out fat altogether in an effort to lose weight.

cut, remove, trim

Trim any visible fat off the meat before cooking.

drain, drain off, pour off, skim off

Remove the turkey from the pan and drain off the excess fat.


Add the remaining duck fat and chicken stock and bring to a boil.

contain sth

Fats contain more calories than carbohydrates.


the relationship between fat intake and cholesterol levels


Despite its very low fat content, it is deliciously creamy.

be, feel, look
become, get, grow
make sb

Try to cut out the foods that are making you fat.

call sb

Are you calling me fat?

enormously, hugely, immensely, really, very
quite, rather
big fat

I was sitting next to a big fat man.

a big fat envelope stuffed with money

Fat is used with these nouns: ↑belly, ↑body, ↑cat, ↑cheque, ↑cigar, ↑contract, ↑envelope, ↑face, ↑fee, ↑finger, ↑gain, ↑kid, ↑leg, ↑lip, ↑man, ↑margin, ↑pig, ↑profit, ↑stomach, ↑thigh, ↑tummy, ↑tyre, ↑wallet

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