1 sb/sth's future
awful, grim, horrible, terrible
cruel, unhappy

What an unfortunate fate the gods had condemned her to.

sad, tragic
better, worse

Jackson deserves a better fate than this.

They decided to kill themselves rather than suffer a worse fate at the hands of their enemy.

common, usual

Under-representation is the likely fate of small parties.

eventual, final, ultimate

the almost inevitable fate awaiting gorillas and tigers

uncertain, unknown

She faces an uncertain fate.

The ultimate fate of the captured troops is unknown.

the same, similar

She broke her ankle before the big game, then suffered the same fate a month later.


His brother met an altogether different fate.

economic, political

They're worried about their political fate.


He faces a grim fate if he is sent back to his own country.

meet, suffer, undergo

He had no desire to share the fate of his executed comrades.

avoid, be spared, escape

Fortunately, Robert was spared this cruel fate.

She managed to escape the fate of the other rebels.


What had he done to deserve such a terrible fate?

accept, be resigned to

The condemned men were resigned to their fate.

bemoan, curse, lament

Instead of just bemoaning your fate, why not do something to change it?

contemplate, ponder

She has taken steps to control her own fate.


the rights of a woman to choose the fate of her body


He had signed his confession and sealed his own fate.

decide, determine

An extraordinary general meeting to decide the company's fate will be held on Thursday.

affect, alter, change, influence

Will it change the fate of the company?

abandon sb/sth to, leave sb/sth to

The generals abandoned the men to their fate.

rescue sb/sth from, save sb/sth from
discover, hear, hear of, know, know of, learn, learn of

He will learn his fate in court tomorrow.


the prophet who predicts fate and can see the future


The convicts awaited their fate in prison.

await sb/sth, be in store for sb/sth, lie in store for sb/sth

They were warned of the dreadful fate that awaited them if ever they returned to their homes.

befall sb/sth

Worst of all was the fate that befell the captured rebel general.

be in the balance, hang in the balance

The fate of the African wild dog hangs in the balance (= is uncertain).

be tied to sth

Our fate is tied to yours.

depend on sth

This team's fate depends on how it performs today.

leave your fate in sb's hands, place your fate in sb's hands, put your fate in sb's hands
have sb/sth's fate in your hands, hold sb/sth's fate in your hands

The jury held the fate of the accused in their hands.

a fate worse than death (often humorous)

Getting married seemed a fate worse than death.

sb's fate rests in sb's hands

His fate rests in the hands of the judges.

2 power controlling everything

He believed that the universe was controlled by the whims of a cruel fate.


Fate was kind to me.

believe in

Such coincidences are almost enough to make one believe in fate.


It would be tempting fate to say that we will definitely win the game.

leave sth to

I have a great deal of trust and I leave everything to fate.

decide sth, decree sth

Fate decreed that she would never reach America.


He secretly hoped that fate would intervene and save him having to meet her.


Only weeks later fate struck again, leaving her unable to compete.

deal a/its hand, deal sb a hand

Anne accepted the cruel hand that fate had dealt her.

take a hand

Fate took a hand in (= influenced) the outcome of the championship.

have in store for sb/sth, hold in store for sb/sth

Little did she know what fate had in store for her.

conspire against sb

For some reason fate conspired against them and everything they did was problematic.

smile on sb, smile upon sb

Fate was not smiling upon her today.

an accident of fate, a turn of fate, a twist of fate

It seemed a cruel twist of fate that the composer should have died so young.

let fate take its course

He was content standing aside, letting fate take its course.

the hand of fate

The new job had come at just the right time for him. Was it the hand of fate?

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