(BrE) (AmE favorite) noun
1 sb/sth that you like more than others
absolute, big, firm (BrE), great, hands-down (AmE), huge (esp. BrE), particular, special

This painting is a particular favourite of mine.

The movie is one of my absolute favourites.

all-time, established, long-time, old, perennial, traditional

This movie is my all-time favourite.

You will find all your old favourites in this book of poems.


They perform their greatest hit and a new favourite.

family, personal, popular

The movie has become a cult favourite.


He began recording sentimental favourites.

fan (esp. AmE)

a theme song that remains a fan favourite

audience, crowd

The band started with a crowd favourite.

holiday (esp. AmE)

It may become a holiday favourite on video.


They were singing their childhood favourite, ‘Waterloo’.


‘Show Me Love’ became a festival favourite.

choose, pick

If I had to choose a favourite, it would be Monet's ‘Water Lilies’.

favourite among

He is a favourite among his teammates.

favourite for

The forest was a favourite for family walks.

favourite of

This song is an old favourite of mine.

favourite with

The song is a firm favourite with their fans.

2 competitor expected to win
big, clear, clear-cut, firm (BrE), heavy (esp. AmE), hot, odds-on, overwhelming, red-hot (BrE), solid (esp. AmE), strong

She is odds-on favourite to win an award.

joint (BrE)

China was the early favourite to win the bidding.


The horse is an even-money favourite.

2–1, etc.

Tiger Woods is 3–2 favourite to win the Challenge.

3-point, 6-point, 12-point, etc. (all AmE)

The Colts are 5.5–point favourites at San Francisco this week

home (esp. BrE), hometown (esp. AmE), local
race, title (BrE)
prohibitive (AmE)

Gunn and Moran are prohibitive favourites.

look (BrE), look like, start (as)

On paper, Stanford looks like the favourite.

The Brazilians still look firm favourites to take the title.

emerge as
favourite for

Jopanini is second favourite for Saturday's race.

favourite to win

The Spanish are the favourites to win.

Favourite/favorite is used with these nouns: ↑author, ↑bar, ↑blog, ↑book, ↑brand, ↑cause, ↑celebrity, ↑charity, ↑cousin, ↑customer, ↑destination, ↑dish, ↑expression, ↑feature, ↑food, ↑haunt, ↑hobby, ↑kind, ↑meal, ↑memory, ↑pastime, ↑piece, ↑ploy, ↑pub, ↑pursuit, ↑recipe, ↑record, ↑resort, ↑retreat, ↑saying, ↑site, ↑spot, ↑subject, ↑target, ↑theme, ↑topic, ↑toy, ↑tune, ↑type, ↑uncle, ↑website, ↑writer

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