exorbitant, fat (informal), hefty, high, huge, large, substantial

I expect you had to pay a fat fee to your divorce lawyers.

low, modest, nominal, reasonable, small

We had to pay a nominal fee to join the club.

Their fees are reasonable.

fixed, flat, set

Many tax advisers now offer fixed-fee interviews.

normal, standard, usual

Send the form, together with the appropriate fee, to this address.

additional, extra, top-up (BrE)

There is no additional fee for this insurance cover.

university top-up fees

late (esp. AmE), outstanding (esp. BrE), unpaid (esp. BrE)

We will be taking active steps to collect the outstanding fees.

annual, hourly, monthly, yearly
one-off (BrE), one-time (AmE)
enrolment/enrollment, initiation (AmE)

a $1 200 initiation fee

attorney (AmE), court, filing (AmE), legal
consultancy (esp. BrE), consulting (esp. AmE), contingency, management, professional

the professional fees of the lawyers and accountants involved

admission, entrance, entry, joining (esp. BrE), membership, subscription

a £30 membership fee

administration (esp. AmE), administrative (esp. AmE), application, arrangement (BrE), booking (BrE), cancellation, franchise (esp. AmE), handling, licence/license, licensing, processing, referral, registration, royalty, service (esp. AmE), set-up, transaction
college (BrE), course (BrE), school (BrE), student, tuition
maintenance (esp. AmE)
transfer (= charges paid by a sports team buying a player from another team) (BrE)
green (BrE), greens (= a charge to use a golf course) (AmE)
charge, impose

They charge higher fees to overseas students.


Employees are reimbursed for any legal fees incurred when they relocate.

collect, command, earn, generate, receive

The company will earn a fee for every barrel of oil produced.


He agreed to waive his usual fee.

refund, reimburse
increase, raise
lower, reduce
agree (BrE), negotiate

She negotiated a fee of $1 800 a week.


Freelance writers often set their own fees.


You'll need money to cover fees and expenses.

be due, be payable

All fees are payable when the invoice is issued.


Additional security fees apply.

cover sth, include sth

The fee includes the cost of testing the electric wiring.

go up, increase, rise

The admission fee has gone up.

income, revenue

The company's consultancy fee income rose by 3% last year.

schedule (AmE)
for a fee

For a small fee, anyone can use these facilities.

fee for

We now charge a fee for museum entrance.

fee on

the administrative fees on the pension scheme

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